Russia claims to have attacked over 300 military targets in Ukraine within 24 hours  

Russia claims to have attacked over 300 military targets in Ukraine within 24 hours  

Moscow / Kyiv – Russia’s Defence Ministry informed Russia had attacked more than 300 military locations in Ukraine in the past 24 hours. It includes ten cities, including the city of Lviv in western Ukraine and Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. It has surfaced that while Russia had intensified attacks, the Ukrainian military squad taking refuge in a factory in Mariupol has refused to surrender. Western media have reported that Russia has decided to corner Mariupol after this denial.  

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Last week, a Russian naval warship, the Moskva, had sunk. This loss has turned out to be Russia’s most significant loss in the Ukraine conflict. Russia has adopted a more aggressive stance following the Moskva tragedy. Attacks on Ukraine have been steadily increasing in scope and intensity over the past four days. Several eastern and southern Ukraine cities, including the capital Kyiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv, and western Ukraine’s Lviv, were fired with missiles, rockets, and artillery shells. Five missile attacks were launched in Lviv on Sunday, one after another. The attack has killed seven people and injured several others. It emerged that attacks used Russia’s long-range ballistic missiles. Local sources informed that strong attacks were launched on the Kharkiv and Zazimye cities in east Ukraine. Besides, Russian forces have seized the town of Kremina in Luhansk province, Ukrainian military officials said. However, they would not easily relinquish control over eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned. The conflict in Ukraine will continue for the next ten years, President Zelensky has claimed.  

युक्रेनमधील तीनशेहून अधिकIn the last 24 hours, Russian Defence Forces have shot down three Ukrainian fighter jets and 11 drones, informed Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov. Simultaneously, the Russian spokesman also said that 18 Ukrainian military command posts, 22 artillery batteries and a surface-to-air missile system were destroyed. Igor Konashenkov claimed that the Ukrainian army had targeted 315 targets.  

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military squad, which has taken refuge in the Azovastal factory in Mariupol, has refused the offer of surrender. Following the denials, Russia has planned to attack the contingent by blocking Mariupol, reported the Western media. 

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