400 Afghan soldiers lost their lives within a week in Taliban attacks

अफगाणिस्तान, दहशतवादी हल्ला, तालिबान

Kabul – In the past week, the Taliban carried out 222 attacks on the Afghan security forces, and killed more than 400 soldiers. This information has been released by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan. At the same time, on Sunday night, there were reports of clashes between the Afghan military forces and the Taliban. Also, there are reports that  peace talks could start possibly between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

अफगाणिस्तान, दहशतवादी हल्ला, तालिबानOn 24th of May, the Taliban had declared a ceasefire for the occasion of Eid. After retracting the ceasefire, the Taliban again carried out the attacks. The ministry has reported that the intensity of these attacks has increased since the last week. Eighteen soldiers died in an attack on Saturday while four people lost their lives in a bomb blast outside a place of worship. The Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan has accused the Taliban of being responsible for all the attacks.

Also, the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan clarified that in the last week, the Taliban had carried out 222 attacks against the Afghan security forces which killed more than 400 soldiers. Taliban has not yet reacted to these allegations. Meanwhile, reports that dialogue  could be held between the Afghan government and the Taliban. However, the dates for the talks are not yet finalised. However, in the background of the Taliban-violence across Afghanistan, questions arises about how successful these talks would turn out to. The United States has clarified that if the Taliban doesn’t stop attacking the Afghan forces, it will rethink the peace deal with the Taliban. A few days back, the United States gave a stern warning to the Taliban by carrying out airstrikes against their locations.

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