US Congress approves legislation used during WWII to supply arms to Ukraine

- President Biden offers $33 bn 

US Congress approves legislation used during WWII to supply arms to Ukraine

Washington / Kyiv / Moscow – While Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, including other Russian leaders, have warned about foreign intervention in Ukraine, the United States has signalled it will increase its arms supplies more to the country. The US Congress approved a special law to speed up arms supplies to Ukraine on Thursday. The law, known as the Lend-Lease Act, was first used in World War II. While the law passes, US President Joe Biden has offered a fresh supply of uninterrupted arms worth $33 billion to Ukraine. The moves by the United States confirm the possibility of prolonging the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  

legislationOn Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved the bill of Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022. The bill, which the Senate unanimously approved, was passed by the House of Representatives by 417 votes to 10. The law will go into effect after President Joe Biden signs it. The Lend-Lease Act is a World War II-era law enacted in 1940 and was approved by then-US President Franklin Roosevelt. Under the law, the United States supplied large quantities of arms to the UK and its allies during World War II.  

Moreover, Ukraine is fighting against dictatorship. The country has shown incredible courage and prowess. The US lawmakers backed the legislation for Ukraine with the note that the United States needs to provide significant military and other assistance to the country. It is said that the new law will make it easier for Ukraine, including other European countries, to supply arms without getting obstructed by other rules. So far, the United States has provided more than $5 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine.  

foreign interventionPresident Biden has called for an additional $33 billion in funding for Ukraine while legislation is passed to supply arms to Ukraine. Last month, the Biden administration tabled a proposal of $13.6 billion for Ukraine. The new proposal signals that the United States will continue to supply arms to Ukraine for the next few years. ‘The cost of this fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen. We either back the Ukrainian people as they defend their country, or we stand by as the Russians continue their atrocities and aggression in Ukraine,’ saying this, the President of the United States demanded additional funding.  

More than $20 billion in funding under the new proposal will be used for direct arms supplies. The Biden administration said it would provide $8.5 billion in funding to the Ukrainian government and $3 billion in humanitarian aid. The United States has supplied Ukraine with missiles, drones, rifles, helicopters, armoured vehicles, radars and other military equipment.  

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