Russia issues a fresh nuclear warning by displaying ‘Thermonuclear Weapon’  

Russia issues a fresh nuclear warning by displaying ‘Thermonuclear Weapon’  

Moscow/Washington: – Russia will be celebrating its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II on May 9. Russian defence forces are preparing for a massive march past in the capital, Moscow. However, in the exercise, Russia rocked its adversaries by displaying ‘Thermonuclear Weapons’ that could cause a horrendous massacre. The United States has said this is a terrible matter. Russian Ambassador to the United States criticised the current NATO leadership for not realising the nuclear war’s seriousness. However, Russia will continue to work to the end to prevent a nuclear war, said Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov.  

'Thermonuclear Weapons'As the Ukraine conflict rages, the United States and other NATO members cooperate fully with Ukraine. Russia now accuses the United States of being fully involved in the conflict. US President Joe Biden is set to make an additional provision of $30 billion to support Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, Russian leaders have repeatedly said that if the conflict in Ukraine festers, it could culminate in a nuclear war. A few days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a clear warning in this regard.  

However, the United States and other NATO members have criticised Russia, saying that it is resorting to nuclear blackmail. The US and NATO members are using the hint of nuclear war as an issue for anti-Russia propaganda. In such a scenario, Russia has indicated to US and NATO that it is not a hollow threat. Russia will be displaying Thermonuclear Weapons during a May 9 Victory Day parade. The Western media had to take notice of this and this will have a significant impact on European countries.  

‘थर्मोन्यूक्लिअर वेपन'In this context, the Russian ambassador to the United States, Antonov, has accused NATO‘s current political leadership of not having the ability to recognise the seriousness of the nuclear war. We are trying to convince the United States that no one can win a nuclear war. The Russian ambassador added that Russia would continue its efforts to prevent a nuclear war.  

Furthermore, the media claims that the display of Thermonuclear Weapons by Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent shockwaves through the West. Russia’s nuclear threat is expected to impact European countries significantly. European countries, which have supported US policy towards Ukraine given the vulnerability on political and economic levels, may also change their stands due to concerns over the nuclear war. That is why the Biden administration of the United States had adopted a policy of ignoring the warnings of nuclear war from Russia. But the Biden administration and the closest allies of the United States can’t ignore the clear and open warnings issued by Russia. 

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