Ukraine alleges Russia has intensified attacks on its several fronts

Moscow / Kyiv – Ukraine’s Defence Forces have claimed that Russia has launched intense attacks on several fronts in Ukraine. Russian forces have taken the lead in several cities, including Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. The scope of the campaign has extended to Odessa and nearby areas in southern Ukraine. While the conflict in Ukraine has continued, the US and other NATO member states have begun extensive exercises in North Macedonia. Four and a half thousand soldiers from 19 countries have participated in this exercise. NATO sources claim the exercise of being a message to Russia.  

Moreover, President Vladimir Putin had vowed on the Victory Day event, a symbol of Russia’s victory in World War II, that victory would be his, as it had been in 1945. Russia’s Defence Forces have intensified their attacks in the wake of Putin’s remarks. Simultaneous attacks have begun on five cities in the Donbass, part of eastern Ukraine. These include the cities of Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Kurakhiv and Severodonetsk. On the other hand, information has emerged that Russian forces are also pushing for complete control of Kharkiv. Russia has seized the towns of Popasna and Rubizhne in Donbass.  

By seizing control over southern Ukraine, followed by eastern Ukraine, missiles are being fiercely struck at Odessa and nearby areas to cut off Ukraine’s maritime contact completely. It uses high precision missiles as well as hypersonic missiles. However, analysts claim that Russia will have to restructure its military front in Ukraine to gain control of Odessa.  

Meanwhile, NATO has indicated a more aggressive stance against Russia in the face of possible membership from Finland and Sweden. NATO sources have said that military and war exercises have been organised in European countries to convey a message to Russia in the next few days. Of these, the practice of Swift Response 22 has begun in North Macedonia. Hedgehog war exercise has been organised on the Estonian-Latvian border following this exercise. A total of 18,000 troops from NATO member countries will attend the exercise.  

Furthermore, the European Union has announced an additional $520 million in defence assistance to Ukraine. 

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