Ukrainian troops ordered to leave Severodonetsk after deadly Russian attacks

Ukrainian troops ordered to leave Severodonetsk after deadly Russian attacks

Moscow/ Kyiv: The Ukrainian troops embroiled in a series of offensives by the Russian army have been ordered to leave Severodonetsk. The Ukrainian officials in Luhansk have admitted to this and conveyed that the Ukrainian troops have begun to retreat. On the other hand, Russia has also captured a certain region near Lysychansk city, which is located close to Severodonetsk. Thus, it appears that the Ukrainian troops will have to lose another city over the next few days. Besides, the United States has declared fresh military aid worth $450 million for Ukraine, which is being forced to withdraw due to Russian attacks. As this announcement is underway, the US-gifted HIMARS launchers have arrived in Ukraine.   

leave SeverodonetskSince last month, Russia has intensified its military action in Donbas, Ukraine. For that, Russia had also deployed fresh military units and defence equipment. Russia has succeeded immensely in this campaign. Over the last month, it has conquered a great region in Donbas. A few days ago, a Ukrainian official confessed to Russia having conquered 55% of the region in Donbas. This region includes big cities, Luhansk and Donetsk.   

Moreover, Severodenetsk is one such city. Last week, it was revealed that Russia had captured it by coercion. However, Ukraine  had continued the skirmish through Azot Cement Factory, located at the city border. But, Russia carried out some massive attacks and embroiled Ukrainian troops. Besides, the Ukrainian troops suffered heavy casualties in the battle in Donbas alongside Severodonetsk. Thus, this has left no other option for the troops but to withdraw. Accordingly, the Ukrainian administration has ordered the troops to retreat, reported the governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Gaidai. Furthermore, following Severodenetsk, Russia has also intensified its attacks in Lysychansk city and Ukraine will have to lose this city in the next few days.  

leave Severodonetsk

Meanwhile, the United States has announced new defence aid worth $450 million, while Ukraine is being forced to retreat. This aid includes four rocket launcher systems. A few days ago, a senior Ukrainian leader had informed that the US-gifted HIMARS rocket launchers had arrived in Ukraine. All the more, Ukraine has demanded 300 rocket launchers to destroy the Russian army. As the rocket launchers have arrived in Ukraine, news has surfaced that Russia’s Il-76 carrier military aircraft has crashed. The Russian army has reported the death of four in this accident.  

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