Russia fires Hypersonic Kinzhal on Odessa in Ukraine  

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Moscow / Odessa – Russia has focused on Odessa, a strategic port and naval base in southern Ukraine, after seizing control of key cities in eastern Ukraine, including Mariupol and Kherson. On Monday night, a Russian fighter jet fired hypersonic missiles at Odessa. Russia’s Defence Ministry informed that advanced Kinzhal missiles were used in the attack. It is said that a shopping mall, hotels and a depot were destroyed in the attack. Media and analysts claim that if Russia seizes control over Odessa, Ukraine will lose contact through the marine route altogether, and the country will be in a further dilemma.  

In the wake of Victory Day, Russia’s extent of attacks on Ukraine, a symbol of Russian victory in World War II, has increased further. Russia has launched new attacks on southern and central Ukraine parts, including various cities in Donbas. Odessa has been targeted therein. Since last week, Russia has started high-precision missile attacks on Odessa. With these hypersonic missile attacks on Monday night, Russia has indicated that the subsequent struggle will be to seize this city.  

Along with Odessa, strong clashes have begun for the cities of Mykolaiv in the South and Kramatorsk, Izium and Kharkiv cities in east Ukraine. Russia has been consistently pounding these cities with cannons and rockets. At the same time, Russia informed that an attack launched by a Ukrainian unit to take over the Snake Island in the Black Sea had been repulsed. Ukraine claimed to have blown up a Raptor type of boat used by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the attack. It is said that a laser-guided bomb was used to blow up this boat.  

Meanwhile, it is said that Russia has resumed bombing a steel factory in Mariupol. More than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have still taken refuge in the underground bunkers at the factory. Claims have surfaced that more than 100 soldiers were injured. These soldiers have warned us that they will not surrender under any circumstances. Besides, more than 500 civilians have been safely evacuated from the factory, and it is said that some civilians are still in bunkers.  

A spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry informed that 380 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in attacks by Russian Defence Forces in the past 24 hours. A spokesman said that a Ukrainian fighter jet was shot down, and five fuel and weapons depots were blown up during the attack. 

Biden signs law for uninterrupted arms supply to Ukraine  


Washington – President Joe Biden has signed the Lend-Lease Act of 2022, which the US Congress approved to ensure a speedy and continuous supply of arms to Ukraine. ‘The cost of the fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is even more costly,’ saying this President Biden supported the law.  

The Lend-Lease Act is a World War II-era law enacted in 1940 by then-US President Franklin Roosevelt. Based on this law, the US had supplied more than $50 billion worth of weapons to the UK and its allies during World War II. The United States plans to provide weaponry on a large scale to Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, repeating the same process.  

The US has provided nearly $4 billion in arms aid to Ukraine since the Russia-Ukraine conflict. These include missiles, drones, rifles, helicopters, armoured vehicles, radars and other military equipment. In addition, President Biden has proposed to the US Congress to supply $33 billions of defence assistance to Ukraine. 

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