US announces fresh defence aid worth $1 billion for Ukraine

US announces fresh defence aid worth  billion for Ukraine

Washington/Kyiv/Moscow – Recently, a report was released that only 30% of the weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries reached the defence forces of Ukraine. A few days after this report by the US media, the US Department of Defense announced new defence aid of one billion dollars to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the issue of attacks on the nuclear project in Zaporizhzhia has festered, and the Ukrainian attacks hold the entire continent of Europe hostage, Russia alleged.  

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Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US has announced new arms supplies to Ukraine almost every week. In the last year alone, the United States has announced a supply of arms worth about nine billion dollars to Ukraine. The arms aid announced on Monday is said to be the largest ever. These include additional rockets for the HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), new missiles for the NASAMS (National/Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System), one thousand ‘Javelin Missiles’, 50 armoured vehicles, 20 ‘120 mm mortar systems’, 75 thousand cannon balls, 20 thousand mortars, AT-4 Anti-Armour Systems, C-4 explosives, and medical aid. Following the defence assistance, the US Department of Treasury announced three billion dollars in financial aid to Ukraine.  

Analysts have claimed that Ukraine will be able to carry out a more aggressive campaign of counter-attacks in southern Ukraine based on weapons received from the US. However, Russia has also increased the intensity of its attacks while arms assistance from the US has increased. The Department of Defense has informed that since Monday, the Russian forces have succeeded in seizing some areas in Soledar, Pisky and Bakhmut of Donbas by launching strong attacks. Ukraine has claimed that a series of attacks by the Russian army is underway.  

Meanwhile, the issue of attacks on the nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia has festered further. Russia accused the Ukrainian army of continuously attacking the area near the nuclear project. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that these attacks are hazardous and Europe will face serious consequences. Peskov also demanded that countries co-operating with Ukraine should put pressure on Ukraine to stop these attacks. Ukraine has denied Russia’s accusations and claims that Russia has turned the project into a military base.  

While the issue of the nuclear project has festered, Russia has signalled its withdrawal from the important agreement new START treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) with the US. Russia said it was suspending a significant provision of the agreement citing sanctions imposed by the West. Accordingly, for the subsequent few periods, the US system will not be able to visit the military nuclear sites in Russia.  

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