Any use of nuclear weapons will have catastrophic consequences for Russia 

- US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warns

Any use of nuclear weapons will have catastrophic consequences for Russia 

Washington/Moscow – “The US plans to respond if Russia uses nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. But I will not elaborate on that. However, if Russia uses nuclear weapons, it will have to face dire consequences,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned sternly. Along with Blinken, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has also warned that Russia will get a decisive response in case of a nuclear attack against Ukraine.  

nuclear weaponsLast week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that his threats of nuclear war were ‘not a bluff’. “The West is threatening Russia with nuclear blackmail. But they should realize that this trick can backfire on them. If Russia’s sovereignty is challenged, all available options will be used to protect the country and its people. The West should know that I am not bluffing’, Russian President Putin said to give the West a reality check.  

Putin’s statement drew strong reactions from the West. A UK minister had said that Russia’s threat should be taken seriously. The media had claimed that the US had sent a message to Russia. However, now a senior US official has openly warned Russia of the consequences. US State Secretary Blinken mentioned this in an interview with a news channel. “I won’t say too much about what the consequences would be. However, the people concerned are aware that if nuclear weapons are used, that country and many others will have to suffer the terrible consequences,’ said the US Secretary of State, drawing Russia’s attention to the possible consequences.  

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Along with Blinken, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also clarified the US position on Russian nuclear weapons. “If Russia oversteps its boundaries, it will have dire and catastrophic consequences. The US will respond decisively to Russia’s nuclear attacks,” Sullivan warned. The media claimed that Sullivan’s statement was a reaction to the Russian foreign minister’s warning about the referendums and deployment of nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian provinces.  

Russia has taken control of most of Ukraine’s Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. The referendum process is said to have been initiated in these provinces, and Russia will annex them after completion. Explaining his position on it, Foreign Minister Lavrov assured in a press conference held at the United Nations that Russia will provide complete security to the territories that have been controlled in Ukraine. At the same time, when the question was raised about the deployment of nuclear weapons, the Russian Foreign Minister warned that this deployment would also apply to the new territories.  

President Vladimir Putin has hinted that Russia may use nuclear weapons in the early days after launching its offensive in Ukraine. Putin also ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to be on alert. After that, Russia showed its readiness by conducting a new test of the nuclear weapon ‘Sarmat’. Six months later, President Putin caused a stir by once again threatening a nuclear attack, bringing the issue of nuclear war to the fore.  

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky informed that the US had provided advanced air defence systems to Ukraine. Last month, the US made an announcement in this regard. After that, Zelensky said that the ‘National Advanced Surface to Air Missile Systems’ was operational in Ukraine. 

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