Greece warns of retaliatory sanctions against Turkish incitement


Athens – Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias warned that if Turkey continues its inciting acts, like an enemy, Greece will initiate more aggressive steps like imposing sanctions. Indications are that the Greek and Turkish leaders will meet at the NATO meeting scheduled for next week. However, before the meeting, Turkey has once again started making inciting statements. Against this background, Greece has issued a warning to Turkey.

sanctionsTension is reigning between Greece and Turkey over the oil reserves in the Mediterranean Sea region. Turkey had incited Greece by sending research and oil exploration ships to the marine region near Greece. Greece has taken a very aggressive stand against it and has initiated steps to increase its defence preparedness. Last year, a strong possibility was created to spark a conflict between Greece and Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea region. But the conflict was averted with mediation from European Union and the United States. Nevertheless, although the conflict was avoided, the tension still prevails in the region.

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