Accidental missile attack by Ukraine’s ‘air defence system’ on Poland causes a sensation

Accidental missile attack by Ukraine’s ‘air defence system’ on Poland causes a sensation

Kyiv/Warsaw/Moscow: On Tuesday, a Russian-made missile crashed in Poland, a neighbouring country of Ukraine and a member of NATO, causing a stir. This incident, which happened while the G20 Summit was in progress, is feared to turn the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a Russia-NATO war. Ukraine also demanded that Western countries respond strongly to Russia against this missile attack. However, the missile attack was revealed to have been carried out by Ukraine’s ‘air defence system’ on Poland within the next few hours. Therefore, the attempts to corner Russia seem to have failed for now.  

'air defence system'On Tuesday afternoon, a missile attack occurred in the Polish town of Przewodow on the Ukraine-Poland border. Two people were killed, and a few others were injured in the explosion caused due to this attack. The attack sparked an atmosphere of fear in Poland. After it was found that the missile causing the attack was of Russian make, there was a clamour that Russia might have carried out the attack. Extreme reactions have started emerging to the attack on the international level. Some European countries, including Ukraine and Poland, have fired a barrage of criticism against Russia.   

The ongoing G20 meeting in Bali was stopped, and an emergency meeting of the NATO member countries was held. In this meeting, warnings were also issued to retaliate against Russia. Many countries in Eastern Europe have put their defence forces on alert. However, within a few hours, the US and NATO announced that Russia did not carry out the attack. Since US President Joe Biden made a statement about this, it has changed the tone of countries, causing an uproar against Russia. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg also clarified that the attack was not deliberate and was not carried out by Russia.   

Russia also upheld the statement of the US President and announced that Moscow did not carry out the attack. On Wednesday morning, the Polish president revealed that preliminary investigations showed that the Ukrainian air defence system carried out the attack. Therefore, attempts to corner Russia have failed at the moment. NATO organized a special meeting on Wednesday and said a thorough investigation would be conducted into the incident. 


Russian authorities allege a plot to spark a Russia-NATO war behind missile attack on Poland 

Moscow – Evidence shows that Russia had nothing to do with the missile that fell into Polish territory. “This incident seems to be an attempt to provoke a direct conflict between Russia and NATO,” said Dmitry Polyanskiy, first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the United   

Nations. The Russian official said the incident would be discussed at the Security Council meeting on Wednesday

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