Poland missile incident is the 1st step towards World War III

- former Russian President Medvedev warns

Poland missile incident is the 1st step towards World War III

Moscow: Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a serious warning that the Poland missile incident could trigger World War III. ‘The missile attack carried out by Ukraine in Poland has proved one thing: the hybrid war started by the westerners has become a step taking them closer to World War III,’ Medvedev said. Following the missile attack in Poland on Tuesday, Russia accused Ukraine and Poland, saying they were trying to instigate a conflict between NATO and Russia. This statement made by Medvedev regarding World War III right after that has drawn much attention.     

Poland missile incidentUkrainian and Polish leaders and officials made aggressive statements in the initial hours after the attack in Poland. Ukraine fired a barrage of allegations against Russia and demanded action by NATO against Russia. Poland, a NATO member, also adopted an insistent stand that the incident should be discussed under Article 4 of the NATO constitution (a situation where a member state feels threatened by another country or a terrorist organisation). Certain countries in eastern Europe, including Poland, placed their armed forces on high alert.   

Although the missile used in the attack was revealed to have been launched from a Russian-made S-300 air defence system, the system was found to have been used by the Ukrainian military. Russia had raised doubts over the statements and aggression shown by Ukraine and Poland, even when the United States and NATO had adopted a cautious stand following the missile attack incident. Ukraine’s refusal to budge from its stand, even though it has been proved that Russia is not responsible for the attack, deepens the mystery around the missile attack.   

Meanwhile, Russia again launched fierce missile attacks on Ukraine on Thursday. Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, and the capital, Kyiv, were under attack. Some cities have also reported casualties. Also, Ukrainian officials informed that the fuel depots of a Ukrainian oil company in eastern Ukraine were targeted in the attacks.   

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