Predictions of Russia’s adversaries proved wrong

- Russian President Vladimir Putin

Predictions of Russia’s adversaries proved wrong

Moscow: Russia’s opponents have made some predictions about Russia’s dark future. All those predictions have turned out to be wrong,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin. When the Russia-Ukraine war started, Western countries and other allies, including the United States, imposed large-scale sanctions against Russia. Attempts were made to weaken the Russian regime by targeting almost all sectors, including the Russian economy. The West claimed that the conflict in Ukraine would likely stop when Russia weakens. However, even months since the sanctions were imposed, Russia’s attacks on Ukraine are continuing, and the attempts to deliver a big shock to the economy seem to have failed. President Putin’s statement corroborates it.  

Russia launched a military campaign against Ukraine at the end of February last year. Even after ten months, Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continue under this offensive, and Russia has claimed to capture new cities and areas. On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry officially announced the capture of the Soledar city in the Donbas region. Russia’s Defense Ministry said Soledar was freed from Ukraine’s control on Thursday night, January 12. Control over Soledar is said to be crucial for further aggressive campaigns. Western media have also confirmed Russia’s claims, reporting that Ukrainian military units have withdrawn from Soledar.  

Meanwhile, Russian forces have launched new attacks in the “Svatove-Kreminna” area while taking control of Soledar. At the same time, clashes have intensified in Bakhmut, Avdiivka and the western regions of Donetsk city. The Russian Army has heavily attacked the western part of the Dnipro River. Sources said Russia is focused on the city of Bakhmut and is also preparing to advance into some parts of Kharkiv province. Even as Russia is launching fresh attacks, reports have surfaced that Belarus has ordered its artillery units to be on alert.  


As the intensity of the Russian attacks increased, Ukraine demanded that Western countries supply weapons immediately. It has come to light that France has responded to it and decided to give ‘AMX-10 RC’ lightweight tanks. Earlier, France had provided the ‘Caesar Artillery System’ and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. About 2000 soldiers of Ukraine are said to be undergoing military training in France.  

Russia reacted strongly to the new arms supply from France. Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, criticized France’s decision as an irresponsible step and will further provoke the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

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