Russia is set on waging a ‘big war’ from 24 February

- a political scientist claims

Russia is set on waging a ‘big war’ from 24 February

Moscow/Kyiv: Russia has alleged that 14 people were killed in a Ukrainian Army attack on a hospital in eastern Ukraine under Russian control. Since Saturday, the Ukrainian Army has started firing from the ‘HIMARS’ rocket system received from the US. The Ukrainian military claims that Russia has suffered huge losses due to it. However, the Ukrainian Army has not yet responded to Russia’s allegations. A Russian analyst has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin will start a new phase of the Ukraine war or a ‘big war’ as compared to the ongoing conflict. Analyst Grigory Yudin has said that President Putin plans to target NATO through this war and bring the eastern European countries under his sphere of influence.  

'big war'It has been 11 months since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. In the war, Russia occupied Ukrainian territory while Ukraine is struggling to take control of it. Ukrainian President expresses confidence that the Ukrainian Army will be able to turn the tide of war by using the advanced weapons and defence equipment from the US and Western countries which it has received so far as also that which it will in the future. Since Saturday, the Ukrainian military has been using the HIMARS rocket system obtained from the US against the Russian Army and has claimed that Moscow has suffered heavy losses due to it. Russia will have to face such losses in the war in the coming times as well, the Ukrainian Army claimed.  

Russia’s Grigory Yudin, however, claimed that the objectives of Russian President Putin, who is waging a conflict in Ukraine, are completely different. Grigory Yudin, a professor at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, says President Putin does not recognise the existence of Ukraine. Yudin highlighted that the conflict waged in Ukraine was Russia’s unique strategy by asking that there is no meaning in fighting that which does not exist. Yudin went on to claim that the Russian Army is not fighting the war against Ukraine, but NATO and President Putin had set the goal of bringing eastern Europe under his influence by targeting NATO.  

'big war'‘Not only this, as in the time of Soviet Russia, President Putin has planned to expand Russia’s supremacy in the East European countries and seeks to install an ‘Iron Curtain’ again. The new Iron Curtain would mean that the US and NATO would not get the slightest chance to increase their influence in this region. Russia intends to drive away NATO, which has entered Poland and Lithuania. Also, the Russian military is currently going beyond Ukraine and considering military operations in Moldova,’ Grigory Yudin said as he revealed shocking information. Yudin went on to claim that this was evident from the fact that the Russian Army had started building a concrete frontline.  

Grigory Yudin took aim at the western countries by saying that the western countries would not fight with Russia to save Poland and Lithuania. 

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