Russia seizes largest nuclear plant in Ukraine  

Russia seizes largest nuclear plant in Ukraine  

Moscow / Kyiv – It was a ploy of the United States to use Ukraine like Afghanistan and trap Russia in a war with Ukraine. But Russia has taken decisive steps towards ending the conflict in Ukraine. It has once again indicated to the United States and NATO that the war in Ukraine would turn into a nuclear war. Russia attacked and took over Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant on Friday. Consequently, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Europe was at the stake of death. Hence, he urged the European countries to go to war. But NATO, along with the United States, has ruled out going to war. Besides, NATO asserted to continue taking up the responsibility of protecting its members.  

अणुप्रकल्प ताब्यातMoreover, Russia launched a series of attacks on Ukraine’s ports and ten major cities. This has caused tremendous loss to Ukraine, which has punctured the claims of so-called military resistance. Furthermore, Russia also took over the largest Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant of Europe, located in Ukraine. It had surfaced that a fire broke out at the five-storey training base at the nuclear plant. But Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other in this regard. Ukraine says the fire was due to the attack of the Russian military. 

Ukraine expressed its fears that this could have led to a nuclear accident. However, Russia has blamed Ukraine for the blaze. It further called this incident a terrible provocation. Earlier, Russia had taken over Ukraine’s Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. There are claims that Russia has broken Ukraine’s nuclear resistance through this. Nuclear technology and material located in Ukraine during the Soviet Russia era could be used to launch nuclear attacks, Russia claimed. Furthermore, Russia also said that it is necessary to take over the nuclear plant to terminate this capacity of Ukraine.  

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that military action in Ukraine is happening as planned, and also the planned objectives are being reached on time. A few days ago, there were reports in the international media that President Putin was displeased with the Russian military failing to take over Ukraine. However, President Putin made it clear through his statement that this was not a fact.  

The Ukrainian President, who was roaring against Russia, has fled to Poland, the Russian media had informed. But, the Ukrainian government scored out the claims by saying that he was currently in Ukraine. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has accused Russia of seizing the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant and putting Europe at the brink of death. At least wake up now and recognize the threat from Russia, Zelensky has warned. Even so, European countries, NATO and the United States, are not ready to get directly involved in this war of Ukraine. The United States has announced many deployments in Poland and other neighbouring countries of Ukraine. It has once again come to the fore that the United States and NATO are not ready for a direct military clash with Russia, no matter how ruined Ukraine may be. 

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