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Jack Ma, leading Chinese tycoon to invest $15 bn in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and future technology

Beijing: Jack Ma, World’s leading Chinese businessman and the owner of ‘Alibaba Group’ Company, has decided that in the coming years to invest to the tune of $ 15 billion, in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and other futuristic technical knowhow. This was announced recently by the Alibaba Group at a conference held in China. Only last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin had made a claim that whosoever becomes a leader in the field of artificial intelligence would rule the entire world. Hence, against this background, the leading Chinese Company, making an announcement of this nature is certainly eye-catching.

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In a statement released by the Company, it was made clear that the programme would be named as the Academy for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook also known as the DEMO Academy. Moreover, research and development facilities would be started in China, US, Russia, Singapore and Israel. To begin with, these facilities would include about 100 experts.

In the next three years the focus of the Academy will be on Data Intelligence, Internet of Things, Financial Technologies, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Research and Development would be undertaken in these areas. It was further stated that there would be a partnership with the California and the Berkley Universities of the US. Jeff Zang, the ‘Chief Technology Officer’ of the Alibaba Group, has been entrusted with the entire project. It is claimed that the projects would generate 10 crore jobs in the  next 20 years.

In the past few years, China seems to be making strong efforts to increase its influence in the area of artificial intelligence and other progressive technical knowhow. There were claims that a few months back China was actively engaged and planning to acquire technological companies in US and Europe. The US machinery indicates that in the coming 10-15 years, China may soon outgrow and dominate  Western countries in the technological sector. Taking all this into consideration Jack Ma’s investment of billion dollars is noteworthy.               

A few months ago ‘Jack Ma’ had indicated, that ‘artificial intelligence‘ is the third revolution in the technological sector which would trigger the Third World War.


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