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US has capability to ‘take down’ artificial islands, Director of Joint Staff, US Armed Forces, warns China

Washington – ‘It is better to ‘take down’ the islands which are an obstruction in the marine region. United States certainly has the capability to take down such islands. The US military has executed such tasks before,’ said the US Director of the Joint Staff ‘Kenneth McKenzie’. This announcement by McKenzie is a warning against the Chinese efforts for militarisation of the artificial islands in ‘South China Sea’.

artificial islandsA few hours ago, the United States renamed its ‘Asia-Pacific Command’ as the ‘Indo-Pacific Command’. McKenzie clarified the position of the United States, while giving information about this new command which is created by underlining India’s importance. In doing so, he referred to the military operations of the United States during the Second World War.

During the Second World War the US Army and Navy had carried out some important campaigns in the Pacific Ocean region. Lieutenant General McKenzie reminded that they had gained control over some deserted and scattered islands, and had also destroyed a few of these. ‘The United States had to suffer human casualties in these campaigns. Nevertheless, the United States does have the experience and the capability to take action against such islands,’ warned McKenzie.

At the same time, the United States activities in the Indo-Pacific region will not be reduced under any circumstances. McKenzie declared that the patrolling will continue, taking due care to protect the freedom of movement for trade as well as the international rules. The Director of the Joint Staff of the United States said that he had merely presented the historical facts and expected that he would not be misinterpreted. But the US analysts have claimed that in view of the tension between the United States and China over the South China Sea issue, this announcement by McKenzie proves to be a warning to China.

The tension between the United States and China over the South China Sea issue is escalating by the day. Four days ago, two United States warships had patrolled in this region. Both these warships had sailed very close to the artificial Chinese island called ‘Woody Island’ in South China Sea. The US Navy had announced that the patrolling was in keeping with international maritime rules.

The former chief of the US ‘Asia-Pacific Command’ Admiral Harry Harris has also defended the patrolling by these warships. ‘China has violated its promise by militarising the islands in the South China Sea. Hence the United States will continue its resistance to the efforts of militarisation of the islands by China,’ warned Admiral Harris. China had reacted to this warning by the former US chief of command..

The spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry Hua Chunying criticized that the issue of militarisation of the islands was being unduly exaggerated by the United States. These allegations against China are laughable, retorted Chunying. Now, with McKenzie’s reminder of the United States’ capabilities to destroy the islands, a stronger reaction from China is anticipated.

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