Imposing new sanctions on Russia would be a ‘colossal’ blunder for the US

President Vladimir Putin

Imposing new sanctions on Russia would be a ‘colossal’ blunder for the US

Moscow / Washington – Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has sternly warned that imposing new sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine issue would be a ‘colossal’ blunder and permanently fester the relationship between the two countries. US President Joe Biden has warned that the United States and its allies will respond decisively if Russia invades Ukraine. It has been revealed that the US Air Force had sent a spy plane to a region near Russia. This happened when the US and Russian leaders discussed the issue.  

'colossal' blunder'colossal' blunder, रशियावर नवे निर्बंधOn Thursday, the two countries reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Biden had a 50-minute telephone conversation. The White House had declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin had demanded a direct phone discussion with Biden. Earlier this month, the Presidents of Russia and the US had held talks via video link. This included several issues, including tensions in Ukraine.  

Following the talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a ‘security guarantees’ proposal to the Western countries, including the United States, and had demanded a prompt response. Thereon, the US had shown its readiness for discussion. The news had also been released that on January 10, the two countries will discuss the Ukraine issue. Earlier, telephonic talks between the two Presidents had caught the international community’s attention. The media and the officials of both these countries have claimed that the two leaders took an aggressive stance during the phone talks.  

रशियावर नवे निर्बंधThe United States has warned that it will impose sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine issue. There was a strong reaction from the Russian President. Putin warned that if the United States re-imposed sanctions on Russia, it would be a ‘colossal’ blunder for the United States and could result in a permanent breakdown in the relationship between the United States and Russia. Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergeĭ Lavrov also warned of serious consequences for the United States and NATO. ‘If a constructive response does not follow within a reasonable time and the West continues its aggressive line, then Russia will be forced to take all necessary measures to ensure a strategic balance and eliminate unacceptable threats to our security,’ Lavrov said.  

Russia’s main demand is that Ukraine and Georgia, the countries in Russia’s sphere of influence, should not be included in NATO. If it became a member of NATO, US missiles would be openly deployed in Ukraine and Georgia. The Russian leader has taken a stand that this will directly affect the security of Russia, and under no circumstances will Russia compromise its security. Russia’s President has said that if the demand is not met, the US and other NATO member countries will pay a heavy price. However, the US and NATO are not ready to accept Russia’s demands. NATO members of European countries have said that the winning country can make such demands and have responded that Russia’s needs are ‘unacceptable’.  

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