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Eric Trump lashes out at US media silence over a possible biological attack on Trump’s family

Washington: Eric Trump, US President Donald Trump’s son claimed that all the members of the Trump family received ‘white powder’ envelopes in their mail. Eric Trump made this claim during an interview with a US news channel. Six months back, it had come to the fore that Vanessa Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law had to be admitted to a hospital due to a biological attack made using a similar white powder.

Eric Trump fired a salvo of criticism at the US media which did not take cognizance into the matter. “All the members of my family including myself have been sent envelopes containing white powder at our homes. However, no one took cognizance into the matter or condemned it”, he reprimanded during an interview.

He also expressed regret time by saying, “The US media has been consistently reporting negatively about the Trump administration. The positive decisions made by the administration are neglected and allegations are levelled against the Trump family members at a personal level”.

The US media have been behaving unequivocally and the Trump family has had to repeatedly face the media onslaught. Eric Trump’s white powder claim has caused a sensation. The fact that other individuals in Trump’s family had also been sent white powder envelopes has surfaced for the very first time.

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. had also been sent an envelope in Manhattan, New York. Previously, an incidence of the white powder being sent to Vanessa Trump in the month of February had been revealed. After Vanessa Trump opened the envelope, she fainted. Subsequently, she was admitted to a hospital named Weill Cornell Medical Centre.

The US Intelligence Department had taken the envelope into their custody in order to investigate the enclosed powder. The investigation revealed that the powder was corn starch. Later in the month of March, a 24-year-old youth named Daniel Frisiello was arrested. This person had also been found to have sent similar white powder envelopes to other individuals.

The US media stated the possibility of the powder that was sent to the residence of Donald Trump Jr., to be a likely biological attack. In view of these events, the information divulged by Eric Trump during an interview draws attention to itself. Eric Trump’s resentment at the negligence towards the attacks on the Trump family raises uncertainty about the US media’s approach.

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