For nuclear deal, US must restore Iran’s fear for American military action

- warn senior officials, incl ex-US Defense Secretary Panetta

For nuclear deal, US must restore Iran’s fear for American military action

Vienna – Talks on Iran’s nuclear deal have been adjourned in Vienna, as the Iranian envoy returned to the homeland to hold talks with their government. Moreover, Israel warned that Iran is using the negotiation time to develop nuclear weapons. Vienna talks being suspended was disappointing, said European countries as well. Whereas; former Secretary of Defense and senior military and diplomatic officials have sent a letter to the Biden administration urging it to take action that would horrify Iran. The letter claims that otherwise, Iran will not be ready for a nuclear deal.  

अणुकरारासाठीIran’s nuclear programme is moving fast. Iran has reached close to achieving its goal of developing a nuclear weapon, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has claimed. In such a scenario, Israel is warning that the time to stop Iran is running out. Not only that, but the Middle Eastern states have also threatened that they will not tolerate nuclear weapons-capable Iran by uniting against Iran. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has demanded Saudi Arabia be involved in the ongoing negotiations in Vienna at a recent Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting. But the Biden administration is still criticized for not being willing to give up its liberal stance on Iran.  

Iran’s representatives returned home, saying it was necessary to discuss with the leadership of their country the proposals presented by the US and European countries in the negotiations at Vienna. Thus, the talks have been suspended, and the European diplomats expressed their severe resentment on this. The adjournment of the talks is ‘a disappointing pause’, say European diplomats. In this period, the letter sent to the Biden administration by the former senior officials of the Defense Force and ex-US Secretary of Defense has been discussed.  

अणुकरारासाठीIn a joint letter sent by former US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, retired US Army General David Petraeus, former Under Secretary of Defense Michelle Flournoy, former US Representative Howard Berman and Jane Harman, and renowned analyst Robert Satloff, as well as Dennis Ross, a significant demand has been made to Biden’s administration regarding Iran. It is vital to restore Iran’s fear that its current nuclear path will trigger force against it. For that, orchestrating high-profile military exercises by the US is necessary. Or the US may launch an attack, Iran should be made to realize. All of them have warned in their letter that Iran will not need a nuclear deal unless such a form of fear emerges.  

For the past few days, the United States had tried to warn Iran by increasing its military movements. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has repeatedly said that his country has military alternatives to stop Iran. It has not had much effect on Iran. In such a scenario, the demand made by former ministers, former senior officials and representatives, and analysts to intimidate Iran; adds to the increasing pressure on the Biden administration. At the same time, it has begun to appear that Israel’s patience in saying that it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons at any cost is also coming to an end.  

Israel also seems to be getting help from the Middle East countries to stop Iran. This is also putting pressure on the Biden administration. Therefore, the issue of Iran’s nuclear programme seems to be the biggest challenge for the US President.  

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