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Russia’s air strikes have killed 86,000 terrorists in Syria, claims Russian Defence Ministry

Moscow: – The Russian Defence Ministry has announced that Russia’s air strikes have killed more than 86,000 terrorists and 830 commanders in Syria over the last three years. Nearly 125 thousand terrorist locations were targeted to achieve this, claimed the Russian Defence Ministry.

Russian Defence Ministry, claim, Assad regime, terrorists, air strikes, Russia, IsraelThe Russian achievement in the Syrian campaign has been detailed in the video uploaded on the Russian Defence Ministry’s social media accounts. ‘The civil war to topple the Assad regime in Syria started in 2011. The rebel organisations put up a strong resistance against the Assad government. Also, Russia intervened in the conflict in Syria, at a time when it became apparent that the balance was shifting towards the rebels and the newly entered terrorist organisations’, said the video.

Since 2015, the Russian Defence Ministry claimed to have killed 86,000 terrorists including 830 commanders during the action taken by its forces to save the Assad government. These included 4,500 terrorists who had entered Syria with the objective of carrying out terror attacks, clarified Russia. More than 121 thousand locations of these terrorists have been destroyed in the Russian attacks. Also, the Russian fighter jets carried out more than 39,000 sorties during this action, said the Russian Defence Ministry.

Submarines and destroyers, which carried out more than 100 attacks, were also used in the action against the terrorists. Russia had declared that 231 varieties of advanced weapons were used in the operation. More than 63,000 Russian troops participated in the effort. 91% of the Russian Airforce pilots experienced a real war scenario because of this conflict, informed the Russian Defence Ministry.

Russia claims that after the Russian campaign, 96% of the Syrian territory is under the control of the Assad government. It had not clarified whether the Russian military would withdraw from Syria following this. Nevertheless, a few months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. However, as per the received information, Russian forces are still present in various parts of Syria. A few days ago, the Russian military police had reportedly taken control of a security post near the Quneitra crossing close to the Israel border. Therefore, chances of the Russian military withdrawing from here appear dim.

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