Russian troops forge ahead to seize key Ukrainian cities 

Russian troops forge ahead to seize key Ukrainian cities 

Kyiv – It has been predicted that another Ukrainian city after Mariupol is likely to fall into the hands of Russian forces. Russian troops have begun to infiltrate the city of Severodonetsk. The Russian military is working on a plan to drive away Ukrainian troops stationed here towards Lysychansk. The news says that Ukraine’s President has also acknowledged the situation in Severodonetsk as being difficult. Besides, Josep Borel, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, said that Ukraine’s military could not withstand Russian forces unless NATO provided direct assistance. 

रशियन सैन्यAfter Russia attacked Ukraine, the Western media claimed that the Ukrainian military had been facing Russia with great courage. Some strategic analysts, including the Western media, have said that Russia’s situation will become more complex as the conflict prolongs. But these claims have been ultimately settled, and it is clear that the Russian military has forged ahead, seizing Ukrainian cities. After holding the town of Mariupol, Russian forces have focused their attention on other important cities in Ukraine. For this, Russia has sent additional military units and weapons. 

Moreover, Russian troops have begun to infiltrate the city of Severodonetsk, and it is claimed that Russia will soon seize the town like that of Mariupol city. This again proves that the Ukrainian military does not have the strength to stop Russia. Ukrainian President Zelensky has confessed that fighting Russian forces is becoming increasingly difficult. Russian artillery shelling has destroyed infrastructure in these cities. More than 90% of the buildings in these cities have been destroyed, said the President of Ukraine. 

Given the situation in Ukraine, NATO will have to provide more assistance to Ukraine against Russia, has said Borel, the EU’s foreign policy chief. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that any country supplying arms to Ukraine would have serious consequences. This has put huge limitations on NATO’s weapons supply to Ukraine. Therefore, the scale of Ukraine’s conflict seems to be tilting in Russia’s favour. If the situation continues for a few more weeks, a strong possibility is that Russia will take over some of Ukraine’s territory. According to this plan, western countries have accused Russian troops of forging ahead in Ukraine. 

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