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Riots in Germany: Chemnitz declares emergency after liberals clash with right-wing rallies protesting fatal stabbing of local by migrants

Chemnitz – Extreme tension has gripped the city of Chemnitz after the incident of a German national being stabbed by some immigrants from Iraq and Syria. Right-wing groups as also the groups and parties opposed to immigrants have joined hands to protest against the incident. On the other hand, the liberals who support the immigrants also took to the streets to oppose these protests that took place on Saturday. As a result, a ‘state of emergency’ was declared in the city of Chemnitz.

Chemnitz, emergency, Right-wing groups, migrants, protest, WW3, Germany, Pegida During a street festival in Chemnitz in Germany, a 35-year-old German citizen, Daniel Hillig was attacked by Syrian and Iraqi immigrant youths. Two other locals were injured while Hillig was killed in the attack. Subsequently, there was an outburst of discontent against the immigrants. The right-wing groups protested against the Chancellor Merkel’s immigrants’ policies. Thousands of German youths were seen protesting on the streets. There were reports of a few right-wing supporters attacking some immigrants in rage.

Also, news of rioting between the immigrants and right-wing groups surfaced. This put a tremendous strain on the security agencies of Chemnitz. On Saturday, the supporters of the right-wing groups held protests condemning the fatal stabbing of Daniel Hillig. Nearly 8,000 people were seen protesting against the Merkel government and the immigrants with feisty slogans. These protestors included supporters of the right-wing party ‘Alternative for Germany’(AfD) and Pegida, a group strongly opposed to immigrants.

After watching the right-wing groups oppose the immigrants, the liberals also began their protests to challenge these groups. More than 1,200 German police personnel were deployed in the city to prevent any clashes between the two factions. Although no violence was reported at this time, the agencies feared a clash sparking off between them. Thus, Chemnitz Mayor, Barbara Ludwig declared a state of emergency in the city.

The jolts of these rallies are being felt by the German government. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has expressed severe concerns over the issue and has appealed to the German people to take an open stance against the right-wing groups. Foreign Minister Maas expressed his criticism saying that “Our generation was given freedom, rule of law and democracy as a present. We didn’t have to fight for it; (now) we’re taking it too much for granted.” He, therefore, thought they were being lethargic to adopt a stance against the racism or to oppose it.

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