China-Pakistan’s new nuclear deal may push world towards a nuclear race and conflict

geopolitical analyst Fabien Baussart warns

China-Pakistan’s new nuclear deal may push world towards a nuclear race and conflict

Jerusalem – ‘China has signed a new nuclear deal with Pakistan. Considering Pakistan’s history of trafficking nuclear material and technology, the deal could prove extremely dangerous. It may push the world towards a renewed nuclear race and conflict’, warned renowned US analyst Fabien Baussart. Baussart claimed that China had made this strategic decision of enhancing Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities to counter India’s military strength. 

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation signed the pact on September 8, 2021. According to this pact, China will provide Pakistan with nuclear technology, uranium mining & processing and nuclear fuel supply. China will also build four nuclear power plants in Pakistan’s Karachi and Muzaffargarh. Additionally, China will be responsible for the maintenance of other nuclear projects in Pakistan. Geopolitical analyst Fabien Baussart expressed his concern over China’s nuclear deal with Pakistan during an interview with an Israeli newspaper.  

Fabien Baussart, the founder and analyst of the prominent think tank Centre of Political and Foreign Affairs, said the nuclear deal between China and Pakistan is a threat to global security. Baussart referred to Pakistan’s involvement in the smuggling of nuclear technology to highlight his point. Pakistan can illegally trade in nuclear technology, materials, and related items from China, Baussart said. Although he did not openly mention it, Baussart drew attention to the dark history of Pakistan. The father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, had confessed to smuggling nuclear technology and nuclear material to Iran, North Korea, Libya and other countries.  

The conflict in Galwan, a year ago, has wholly acquainted China with India’s military strength. Therefore, China is increasing military pressure on India by enhancing Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities, claimed Baussart. In such a scenario, an increase in Pakistan’s nuclear weapons could trigger a nuclear arms race, not just in this region but around the world, cautioned Baussart.  

The United States had previously accused that the nuclear cooperation between China and Pakistan violated international laws. The two countries were found cooperating in violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in the past. However, Pakistan and China had overlooked these objections and allegations. The only policy that Pakistan and China adhere to is to increase the threats to India through their nuclear energy cooperation.  

Pakistan has made it apparent on numerous occasions that its nuclear policy is India-centric. Besides, Pakistan has threatened several times that it would respond with a nuclear attack if India attacks Pakistan. China’s nuclear energy cooperation with such a country is but a part of China’s policy to target India. The allegations made by Fabien Baussart once again underline the fact.   

Terrorists and extremists in Pakistan have grown increasingly powerful due to the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. The Tehrik-i-Taliban militants (TTP) are now speaking of seizing power in Pakistan. Therefore, Baussart’s warning is highly critical in such a scenario that if the nuclear capability of an unstable Pakistan rises, it could prove to be a potential threat to the entire world. However, the international media has not paid much attention to his warning.

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