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As Turkey releases American Pastor Brunson, tensions with US likely to thaw

American Pastor, release, Andrew Brunson, Christian Preacher, accusations, Turkey, United States, Middle Eastern news agenciesWashington/Ankara: – Christian Preacher Pastor Andrew Brunson who was detained by Turkey, has been released. The United States had pressurised Turkey for his release and had even imposed harsh economic sanctions against the country for it. US President Trump has welcomed the release of Pastor Brunson. On his release, Pastor Brunson left for the United States and analysts have claimed that it would ease the massive stress over the troubled Turkish Economy. Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State has also demanded the release of other US citizens detained in Turkey.

Pastor Brunson was arrested in Turkey 2 years ago. Brunson was accused of being a part of the coup conspired against Turkish President Erdogan. The Turkish agencies had alleged that Brunson had come to Turkey so as to assist the rebels. However, the United States had claimed that the accusations were baseless and had demanded the release of Pastor Brunson.  They had warned Turkey that in the event of the country denying to acceding to the said demands, it would be subjected to stringent sanctions. When Turkey rejected the warning, the United States increased the pressure over the Turkish economy tremendously by imposing sanctions.

Pastor Brunson had, thus become the bone of contention in the dispute between the United States and Turkey. Under such circumstances, all the major countries including Turkey were waiting for the Turkish court’s decision to be announced on Saturday. According to a few Middle Eastern news agencies, the court announced a verdict sentencing Brunson to a jail term of more than three years. Nevertheless, orders were issued for his release on account of his good conduct during the hearing. The decision has gained great political significance, and Turkish analysts have claimed that along with Pastor Brunson, Turkey has also in fact been set free.

American Pastor, release, Andrew Brunson, Christian Preacher, accusations, Turkey, United States, Middle Eastern news agenciesThe analysts have attached great importance to the release of Pastor Brunson, saying that it would pave the way for normalisation of relations between Turkey and the United States in the future. Thus, the two countries are also believed likely to work in tandem to resolve the Syrian issue. More importantly, the Turkish population is hoping that the precipitous slide of the Turkish currency would be arrested and recover now. Moreover, US President Donald Trump has welcomed the release of Pastor Brunson and said that he would soon be visiting the White House.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has also welcomed the release of Pastor Brunson and has made a fresh demand to Turkey asking it to release all the US citizens detained in the country. Secretary of State Pompeo claimed it would send out the right message to the world that, US President Trump and the US State Department would continue to make efforts to the best of their abilities for the release of their citizens.

Meanwhile, the equations in Syria could change once again if the tensions between the United States and Turkey thaw and the cooperation between them is re-established. The media and analysts are, therefore looking at the release of Pastor Brunson very seriously.

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