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EU approves Brexit agreement at Brussels summit, warns UK that no renegotiations would be possible

Brussels – The European Union (EU) has approved the Brexit draft agreement saying, ‘The 27 members of the European Union have approved the United Kingdom’s Brexit draft. The deal on the table is the best the UK will get as also the final one.’ The draft was approved during the EU’s special meeting held in Brussels on Sunday. The approval was done in a mere 38 minutes. President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, expressed regret referring to the event as a tragedy. The leaders opposing British Prime Minister Theresa May on the Brexit issue fired a salvo of criticism at her saying that the draft was readily approved as the Prime Minister had given the Union everything that they wanted.

Brexit agreement, approve, Thresa May, European Union, criticism, ww3, Brussels, SpainA few days ago, Prime Minister Theresa May had submitted the draft of the Brexit agreement to the European Union. The proposal had caused a substantial political turmoil in the United Kingdom to the extent that Prime Minister May’s resignation was being demanded. Nevertheless, May justified the proposal saying that the decision of the British public who voted in the favour of the proposal ought to be respected, and hence it was being submitted to the bloc. She also added that it was not possible to make everyone happy while drafting such proposals.

The European Union took a definite stand on the draft and sent it to the rest of the 27 member countries of the bloc. Spain and Ireland had raised certain objections regarding the draft. Spain had objected to the ownership of ‘Gibraltar’ and had threatened to use the veto. However, following discussions between Spain and the UK, Spain accepted the compromise and approved the Brexit draft. Also, despite presenting arguments against the proposal, Ireland too approved the Brexit, clearing the path for the EU.

On Sunday, a special meeting of the EU was held at Brussels in the presence of the British Prime Minister Theresa May. EU announced the approval of the Brexit draft, in just 38 minutes avoiding any contentious issues at the summit. Donald Tusk, the President of the European Union, while posting the information on the social media, refused to make any predictions regarding the future of the matter. Moreover, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that it was regrettable that the United Kingdom was exiting the European Union.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, referred to the approval on Sunday as a tragedy but warned the British Parliament that it must approve the draft. Junker warned that the Members of the Parliament (MPs) should remember that if they don’t accept the draft in its current form, the United Kingdom will never get a deal better than this.

Mixed reactions have emanated from the British political circles regarding the Brexit. The supporters of the draft have claimed that the Parliament must approve the draft respecting the decision of the British people and the European Union. On the other hand, the detractors argued that the opposition in the Parliament would continue as the European Union had approved the draft only because Prime Minister May acceded to all its demands. Given the current developments, Prime Minister Theresa May has written an open letter to the British citizens making an emotional appeal to stand by her over the Brexit issue.

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