China may invade Taiwan soon, warns ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott  

China may invade Taiwan soon, warns ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott  

Washington/Brussels: – Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned ‘China may invade Taiwan soon. I think we need to be prepared to think the unthinkable.’ Two days ago, former US defense officials also warned about the growing threat of Chinese aggression against Taiwan. Recently, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen announced the deployment of US troops to her country. There are indications that China is outraged due to these developments. So, it has started making decisive movements to take over Taiwan.  

तैवानवर हल्ला, ताइवान पर हमलाTwo weeks ago, ex-Australian Prime Minister Abbott made a historic visit to Taiwan. At the time, he criticised the aggressive Chinese actions against Taiwan. Abbott said Australia was not playing war drums on the Taiwan issue, but the Chinese policies regarding Taiwan were of that nature. China has threatened to sever bilateral ties after the former Australian PM Abbott visited Taiwan. Besides, it also threatened that Australia would have to face dire consequences for this.  

But Abbott, who appealed for greater support for Taiwanese security, did not heed these Chinese threats. While speaking at an event at the Wilson Centre in the United States, Abbott cautioned democratic countries of Chinese intentions. ‘perhaps quite soon, China might up the ante, either with a blockade of the so-called rebel province, or perhaps even a full-scale invasion.’ Abbott warned.  

‘When China took over Hong Kong, Western countries adopted a mild stance. So, that emboldened President Jinping. It will not be easy for China to take over Taiwan like Hong Kong. For this, China will have to use military force. But this time, democratic countries must stand with Taiwan.’ Abbott urged the nations to avoid the mistakes, which happened during the time of Hong Kong 

Meanwhile, China has initiated decisive moves to take over Taiwan. A few days ago, China conducted a test to destroy a coastal city. The test is considered a warning to Taiwan and the United States. After that, Taiwan received threats from China for two consecutive days. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that Taiwan has no other future other than to merge with China. Wang also criticised the US demand for Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations.  

Meanwhile, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu is currently touring the European countries. He has urged the European Union to strengthen ties with Taiwan. Wu also warned that countries that are entirely dependent on China need to reconsider their decision. 

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