Pakistan threatens Afghan military, accuses Afghan Vice President

Amrullah Saleh

Kabul: – Pakistan has threatened to launch airstrikes on the Afghan army if the Afghan army tries to snatch the Spin Boldak outpost on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border from Taliban control. Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh made this allegation. Saying that he had evidence to substantiate the allegations, Vice President Saleh has prepared to expose Pakistan. This could expose Pakistan, which claims to have no ties to the Taliban.  

Amrullah SalehTwo days ago, Taliban militants took control of the Spin Boldak outpost near the Pakistan border in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. Taliban militants have removed the Afghan national flag from the Spin Boldak-Chaman Friendship Gate and hoisted the Taliban flag. The Taliban’s control of the Spin Boldak border, essential for trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan, is dangerous. It is feared that Taliban militants will fill their coffers and use them against the Afghan government with the trade taxes collected on the border. Also, Taliban terrorists can start smuggling drugs across the border.  

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