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US ‘Shutdown’ begins as Congress rejects provision for ‘Mexico Wall’

 Washington – As the Democrats have rejected the proposal to make a provision of $5 billion in the US Congress for the ‘Mexico Wall’, the United States, once again is faced with ‘Shutdown’ crisis. It is the second time in under a year that the US has to brace itself with another shutdown, and more than 800,000 employees have been hit. President Donald Trump has indicated at ruling out a compromise on his stance saying that the security of the borders of a great country like the United States was paramount.

For the last few days, President Trump had consistently taken an unyielding stance regarding the border security and building of the Mexico Wall. Clashes reportedly occurred between him and the Democratic opposition leaders in one of the meetings held at the White House concerning the issue. However, the bill passed in the US House of Representatives had the provision for the Mexico Wall.

In spite of it, during a meeting in the US Senate, the Democratic Party opposed the provision. After this, as the Democratic opposition continued in the joint session of the US Congress, the spending bill could not be passed. Although a discussion is scheduled to take place on the matter again on Saturday, there is uncertainty over the outcome of the vote. As a result, it will stop government funding for nearly 25% of the departments affecting more than 800,000 employees.

Strong reactions are emanating from political circles after the Shutdown began.  President Trump posted a video on Twitter in which he openly warned that there could be no compromise on the border security. Also, in the video, he claimed that the Democrats were solely responsible for the Shutdown. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party has raised strong objections over Trump’s statement.

In a recently posted video of a meeting held at the White House, President Trump could be seen stating that he was willing to accept the responsibility for the Shutdown. By referring to the video, the Democratic Party accused President Trump’s temperament, terming his statements irresponsible and holding him responsible for the Shutdown.

As it is the second time the US administration is undergoing a Shutdown within a year, analysts have expressed fears over it having severe effects on the economy. In the month of January, the Trump administration was faced with Shutdown as the Senate had rejected the additional financial provision for the Pentagon and the security agencies.

The Shutdown crisis which the US had to brace twice this year is the proof of the grim political battle between President Trump and the opposition. His opponents, who entirely disapprove of Trump’s policies regarding defense, foreign affairs and economy, have adopted an aggressive stance. They say the wall on the Mexico border need not be built with a cost outlay of billions of dollars just because President Trump finds it necessary. On the contrary, Trump remains resolute on the wall being critical for the US security. Moreover, Trump seems to have cornered the opposition parties refusing the financial provision by playing the ‘Shutdown’ card.

The issue has sparked intense political debates in the United States. The effects of the Shutdown may turn more severe if a decision is not arrived at in the next two or three days. It may resultantly cause the US public to add pressure over the Democrats.

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