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US to host Iran-focused summit with allies to cut-down Iranian influence

Cairo / Washington / Tehran – ‘For stability, freedom, peace and security in the Middle East, it is imperative to resolve the issue concerning Iran, which is the cause of instability,’ warned US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The United States will thus hold an Iran-focussed meeting in Poland next month. Israel, as well as other Middle Eastern US allies opposed to Iran, would be attending the conference. Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister has criticised the upcoming meeting in Poland.

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The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is on a Gulf visit for the last few days. Reassuring the Arab allies during his visit to Egypt, Bahrain and UAE, Pompeo said, ‘Although US President Donald Trump has announced the military withdrawal from Syria, the United States would not desert its Arab allies. The US military withdrawal would, in no way affect their security’.

At the same time, the US Secretary of State cautioned the Middle East countries regarding Iran’s dangerous activities. During his visit to Egypt as well as Bahrain, Pompeo said, ‘The increasing Iranian influence in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen along with Syria is a threat to the stability, freedom, peace and security of the region. Also, to restrain Iran’s increasing influence, the Arab countries need to form an independent organisation like the ‘Arab NATO’, an organization on the lines of NATO, suggested Pompeo. Additionally, he announced that the United States would be holding a meeting in Poland to strengthen the allied front against Iran.

During an interview with a US news channel, Pompeo announced a world summit against Iran. The US Secretary of State said the summit which is due on 13th and 14th of Feb, would include discussions on Iran’s attempts to destabilise the Middle East and the United States’s role to establish stability in the region. Moreover, the US allies the world over would be attending the meeting.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif targeted the US-initiated summit in Poland. Also, Zarif criticised the summit labelling it a desperate anti-Iran circus. At the same time, Zarif tweeted, ‘All those who participated in the previous anti-Iran meetings are either dead or were humiliated or isolated. Nevertheless, Iran has only emerged stronger after such summits.’

President Trump has appealed, even in the past, for the Arab and Islamic countries to come together and form a military organisation of an ‘Arab NATO’. Subsequently, nearly 70 Arab-Islamic countries had announced the formation of a joint military under the leadership of Saudi Arabia.

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