Russia captures Severodonetsk in Donbas

- launches missile attacks on capital Kyiv  

Russia captures Severodonetsk in Donbas

Moscow/Kyiv: – Russian forces have gained control over the city of Severodonetsk, known to be the decisive fight for the Donbas region. Russia supporter rebels informed that the Russian military has also coerced in the Lysychansk city, which is close to Severodonetsk, following this. This is the second decisive success for the Russian forces after conquering Mariupol. At the same time, this is a significant jolt for Ukraine, which consistently demands weapons and funding from the western countries with claims that it will defeat Russia. Once again, Russia made the Ukrainian leadership realise the situation with missile attacks on the capital Kyiv after gaining control over Severodonetsk and forging ahead in Lysychansk.   


Moreover, Russia gained control over the important city of Severodonetsk, in the Donbas region, after a long-drawn battle lasting for around a month. The Ukrainian official responsible for the city endorsed the claim. The officials said that the Ukrainian military units and citizens have started withdrawing from the Azot cement factory premises. The officials also said that the Ukrainian military units would retreat to the city of Lysychansk. But Lysychansk, the next Russian target, is believed the Ukrainian forces will be faced with another battle in a short span.   

Russian forces have successfully gained control over the towns and important locations near Lysychansk. It was also claimed on Sunday that the Russian military units have successfully crossed the border of Lysychansk. Therefore, it is being said that this city will fall into Russian hands in much less time than Severodonetsk. The Ukrainian military faced massive casualties in the crushing attacks launched by the Russian military. Considering this, analysts believe that the Ukrainian military will focus on the security of other regions rather than Lysychansk.   

Meanwhile, Russia has initiated fierce attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv after gaining control over Severodonetsk. Nearly ten missiles were fired into Kyiv, early in the morning on Sunday. It is said that Russian bombers and KH-21 missiles were used to launch the attacks. This is the second instance of a major missile attack on Kyiv in one month. It is believed that Russia has warned the Ukrainian leadership through this attack. 

Russia to supply nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Belarus  

Moscow/Kyiv: – Russia will be supplying an advanced Iskander missile system, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, to neighbouring Belarus. Russian President Vladimir Putin made this announcement. These include both ballistic and cruise varieties of the missile and their range will be up to 500 kilometres. It is believed that Russia has deployed this system in its Kaliningrad base in the Baltic region. It has also been claimed that traditional Iskander missiles have been used in the current Ukraine war. The nuclear-capable Iskander missile system supply to Belarus is retaliation against NATO deployments in Europe and Ukraine.

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