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Kenya terror attack is in response to Trump’s Jerusalem decision, warns al-Shabaab

Nairobi – The terrorist organisation ‘Al-Shabaab’ has claimed that the attack on a hotel in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi was in response to US President Trump recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the al-Shabaab attack on DusitD2 hotel in Nairobi, 21 people were killed which also includes the attacking terrorists. The attack proves that al-Shabaab is deepening its hold over the African continent.

In the attacks that al-Shabaab launched on Tuesday evening, 21 people were reportedly killed which included US and British citizens as well. Also, the dead included five terrorists from al-Shabaab. On Tuesday evening, terrorists entered the DusitD2 hotel after carrying out two blasts. Following the bombings, one terrorist detonated a suicide bomb while the other terrorists opened fire with their AK-47 rifles right after.

The Kenyan security forces succeeded in rescuing the staff and tourists after killing the terrorists in a prolonged encounter. The local agencies have informed that a weapon stash and bombs were recovered from the hotel premises. Subsequently, the Kenyan agencies undertook an aggressive search operation in Nairobi and the surrounding areas. They have claimed that in the last 24 hours, 9 suspects connected with the attack have been arrested.

Along with the United States and European nations, African security agencies and armies are also running massive campaigns against al-Shabaab for the past ten years. The strength of the terror outfit was found only to be increasing despite hundreds of their terrorists being neutralised in the operations. Al-Shabaab, which is established with the objective to fight against the democratic government in Somalia, has also carried out terror attacks in many African countries, one of which is Kenya.

The United States has undertaken extensive action in Somalia against al-Shabaab, and Kenya is offering extensive assistance to the US. While the al-Shabaab has consistently launched terrorist attacks in Kenya in the last six years, Tuesday’s attack is the third major attack in the country.

In 2013, around 70 people died in the al-Shabaab terror attack at the Westgate Mall in Kenya. Thereafter, in 2015, the death toll of nearly 150 people was recorded in the terror attack on Kenya’s renowned Garissa University. It is considered the most significant terror attack in the state. Moreover, it is evident from the attack on the Kenyan hotel that even though an extensive the previous attacks were followed by extensive campaigns against the al-Shabaab, the terror outfit is gaining success in launching bigger and more intense attacks.

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