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Brexit may trigger riots; lead to separation of Scotland, Northern Ireland from UK: EU Intelligence

Brussels / London – In the midst of the political uncertainty in the United Kingdom over the Brexit, the European Union (EU) issued a sensational warning which forecasts that riots may erupt on the streets in UK post-Brexit. EU Intelligence officials have prepared a report on the subject which also warn about a referendum for independence in Scotland and the unification of Northern Ireland with Ireland just within a year and a half after Brexit. Although the British media have published the article, the EU has not as yet responded to it.

The UK Parliament is scheduled to hold the final vote on the Brexit proposal on Tuesday. However, Prime Minister Theresa May has forewarned of a scenario necessitating the adoption of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ if her ‘Plan B’ was not approved. Nevertheless, a few members from the opposition and from the ruling coalition have proposed to delay the Brexit, others have asked for a holding Second Referendum rather than accepting the ‘No Deal Brexit’. Also, a third faction has pitched the proposal for Britain to remain as a part of the EU bloc.

Given the political turmoil in the UK, the EU report created a stir. Intelligence agencies of the EU member nations are believed to have prepared the report on Brexit. The report presents the risk of instability in the UK, irrespective of the option it chooses for the Brexit.

‘Various factors were considered to assess the situation post-Brexit. It infers that violence is unavoidable, no matter the option the UK finalises for Brexit. The current Brexit Deal if passed, would agitate the right-wing groups in the UK and they would hit the streets whereas, if a ‘No Deal Brexit’ was accepted, it would infuriate all the groups. Also, if a ‘Second Referendum’ was seen likely, a few groups are anticipated to be upset as well’. The EU thus cast the prediction of unprecedented riots in the UK. Furthermore, the UK government has indicated that it’s planning for the martial law under emergency for a ‘No Deal Brexit’ situation. Various government agencies conducted drills in parts of UK as part of contingency plans in the event of a ‘No Deal’.

Earlier, the British Armed Forces had been placed on ‘high alert’ and indications for additional deployment to have been given. Only last month, the British cabinet approved the ‘No Deal Brexit’ doomsday plan that envisages a contingency plan of placing 3,500 soldiers on standby and usage of ferries for emergency services and medicines.

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