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China is a ‘threat to the world’, it should split up into ten or more countries: dissident writer Liao Yiwu

Berlin/Beijing: Chinese dissident author Liao Yiwu made a dramatic statement saying, ‘I dream that China splits up into 10 or so countries. Because China, as it is today, is a threat to the whole world.’ Yiwu, known to be a staunch critic of the ruling Chinese Communist government, is currently living in Germany. He has authored a book on the realities of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre as also made the dramatic statements in an interview on the book.

In the past, Yiwu had worked as a campaign writer for the ruling Communist government in China. However, in the time that followed, more than ten books and poems he wrote were banned in China. Even so, some pieces of his writings are said to appear on social media. Liao was imprisoned for the first time, for his poem the ‘Massacre’, which recounts the Tiananmen Square protests. After that, his books, which present the plight of the common Chinese citizen, became a topic for discussions. Furthermore, Liao also participated in the pro-democracy ‘Charter 08′ manifesto that was published in 2008, which denounced the ruling Chinese government.

In an interview with a European news agency, Liao Yiwu severely criticised the current Chinese government, President Xi Jinping and the western leaders supporting the Chinese regime. He targeted the government saying, ‘I feel very pessimistic about the Chinese future under the authoritarian rule of President Xi Jinping. Thirty years ago we thought we might develop towards democracy. Today it is all about making money.’

He lashed out at the corrupt Chinese leaders with sharp words. He said, ‘Those who have scruples are marginalised while those who make money without criticising the Chinese Communist Party can do what they want. The children of President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders are studying in foreign institutes like the Harvard and other renowned institutions. Even the leaders’ mistresses are provided grants for studying at the US University.’

Simultaneously, he severely criticised western countries as well. Liao exposed the double standards of the West candidly saying, ‘Every one of the Western countries which criticised China after the (Tiananmen) massacre, fight with each other now to do business with the executioners even as they continue to arrest and kill people.’ Additionally, the Tiananmen Square massacre was a decisive turn in Chinese history, he stated.

Liao has been living in Berlin for the last eight years, clarified that returning to China, was not a significant cause of concern for him. Moreover, the writer made a suggestive statement saying, ‘I would like to go back to my native Sichuan – when it’s independent. Then I would be delighted to return.’

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