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Every drop of martyrs’ blood will be avenged, warn Indian leaders

New Delhi – President Ramnath Kovind denounced the Pulwama attack in harsh words. President Kovind said that the whole country is standing with the families of the martyrs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also condemned the attack. Prime Minister Modi made a suggestive statement that the sacrifice of the soldiers martyred in this cowardly attack will not go waste. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the attack was very disturbing. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the terrorists will be taught an unforgettable lesson.

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The President, the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, the Finance Minister along with the Minister of State for External Affairs and former Indian Army chief General V K Singh said that his blood was boiling because of the attack. General Singh said that every drop of martyrs’ blood will be revenged. Former military officials as well as military analysts and even statesmen have given strong responses and warned that the path for talks with Pakistan has been closed with this dastardly attack.

The former military officials and also the analysts are saying that this attack will not stop unless Pakistan is taught a lesson forever. The rights to decide about carrying out a surgical strike or declaring a war rest with the government. The former military officials have informed that other options to bring Pakistan to its knees are also available. They have suggested to the government that India should stop all the trade with Pakistan and divert waters from the rivers that flow into Pakistan from India.

A demand is being made that India should emphatically declare to the international community that it will not extend cooperation in any way with the country that is fighting an undeclared war. Meanwhile, US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster, has denounced this terror attack and said that the United States is with India in the war against terror.

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