Arab nations back Israel on rising Iran threat at Poland Summit

Warsaw – ‘The Primary demand of the Arab nations was the initiation of peace talks with Palestine. However, at the moment, the Arab countries find the rising threat from Iran more critical than the issue of Palestine,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced. Netanyahu also said that the four Arab nations attending the ‘Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East’ supported Israel’s stand on Iran.

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The US-sponsored ‘Poland Summit’ on the ‘Peace and Security in the Middle East’ concluded. The event was closed for the press. Therefore, details on the conference were not revealed. Late Thursday, the Israeli Prime Minister made significant announcements regarding the meeting at a press conference.

‘The Arab countries have accepted the same position on Iran that I have been presenting over many years in the past. At the conference, four out of the five Arab Foreign Ministers agreed with Israel’s position on the threat posed by Iran,’ Netanyahu said.

The Israeli Prime Minister avoided revealing the names of the Arab countries. Nevertheless, Netanyahu claimed that the nations were keen on developing relations with Israel just as Jordan and Egypt. What’s more, the Arab envoys accepted before the representatives of 60 states, that when it’s challenged, Israel has the right to defend itself against Iran, Netanyahu said.

Moreover, the Arab countries supported Israel’s position and criticised Iran, as they too are sensing the same threat as Israel for the last few months. Although the Arab countries had not accepted an open stand on the matter, they had indicated extending cooperation with Israel. Given the circumstances, the Arab nations’ pro-Israel stand may result in the declaration of a significant front against Iran.

Iran’s financial aid to terrorists has stalled Israel-Palestine issue, says Bahrain Foreign Minister

Arab nations, back Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Poland summit, peace talks, cooperation with Israel, ww3, Warsaw, Saudi ArabiaWarsaw – ‘We would have been much closer today in solving the Israel-Palestine issue with Israel if it wasn’t for Iran’s financial aid to terrorism in the Middle East,’ Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said. Also, Bahrain is considering establishing relations with Israel, the Foreign Minister said.

Meanwhile, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaked a video clip covering a segment from the panel’s discussion where the Arab nations presented their position on Israel at the summit held in Warsaw, Poland. The footage showed the Foreign Ministers of two Arab countries along with Saudi Arabia criticising Iran’s pro-terror policy and backing Israel on its position.


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