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Super lasers will be able to intercept nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles, claims Raytheon

Washington: The United Nations (UN) expressed grave concern over the current scenario soon triggering the third world war which would witness the use of nuclear weapons in a far greater scale than the second world war. However, the super fast laser technology under development in the United States would be able to intercept nuclear weapons. The laser beam will be able to incinerate even through the missiles with nuclear warheads. It would thus reduce the use of nuclear weapons, the leading US arms manufacturing company, Raytheon claimed. The analysts in the United States are claiming the announcement to be a warning to China, which has taken the lead in the manufacture of hypersonic missiles and refused to accept the nuclear non-proliferation proposal that the US had presented.

Currently, a special meeting of the United Nations is being held at Geneva. Renata Dwan, director of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDR), expressed concerns over the current geopolitical developments. Dwan pointed out that the conventional non-proliferation treaty was not meaningful anymore. Also, many countries were engaged in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and the international media had failed to attract attention towards it, Dwan criticised. At the same time, Dwan highlighted that the threat of nuclear weapons was much more significant this time than during the second world war.

A big announcement came from Raytheon, one of the major arms manufacturers in the United States just as the UN officials were warning on the nuclear attacks. The company claimed, in a video, that the nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles can be shot down using a laser system. Evan Hunt, a former US military air force official and currently working in the laser department of Raytheon, issued a warning to the enemy nations. ‘If your country is investing heavily in nuclear weapons, the super-advanced laser beams will cut through them accurately. After that, you will never again, think about nuclear weapons,’ Hunt threatened.

Thus far, the focus of the leading countries in the world was to equip the ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. Nevertheless, since the last few months, China has stressed on prioritising the manufacture of hypersonic missiles and equipping them with nuclear warheads. The hypersonic missiles can travel at speeds more than five times the speed of sound, Mach 5 speeds. It is difficult to trace and target such missiles with conventional radar systems.

As per the information published by Raytheon, the super-advanced laser systems developed by the company is faster than the hypersonic missiles. The company claims that its laser system can very quickly shoot down hypersonic missiles. Only a few months ago, the company had successfully tested the systems that can target drones and missiles. Albeit, the lasers that are capable of shooting down hypersonic missiles are currently under development, Raytheon claimed.

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