Russia launches attacks against 40-plus cities in the Donbas region 


Moscow / Kyiv – Ukraine has informed that Russia has launched strong attacks on more than 40 cities and nearby areas in the Donbas region since Wednesday. Cannons, tanks and rockets are consistently being struck on certain parts of Donbas, and it is claimed that there have been many casualties. Local officials have claimed that the unprecedented Russian attack forced the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Luhansk. Russia’s parliament has passed a bill raising the age limit for joining the military while attacks intensify in Ukraine. Therefore, there are indications that Russia will increase its military deployment more in Ukraine in the near future. 


Earlier, Russian forces launched massive attacks to seize the Mariupol city. The Russian troops now seem to have descended with entire magnitude in the Donbas region. Since the last week, Russian forces have increased the intensity of the attacks in Donbas. On Wednesday, simultaneous attacks on more than 40 cities and areas lead to attention. For the first time in the three-month-old conflict, the Ukrainian officials have acknowledged that the Ukrainian resistance proves helpless in the face of the intensity of Russian attacks. 

Ukraine’s senior ministers have responded by saying that the conflict in Donbas is the most intense struggle ever. Russian forces have targeted three cities, Severodonetsk, Lyman and Lysychansk. If Russia succeeds in seizing Lyman, Ukrainian officials have hinted that the key city of Sloviansk will fall to Russian forces in the next few days. Currently, Russia has dominated most parts of the Luhansk, a part of the Donbas, the local Ukrainian officials inform. It has emerged that Russia is effectively using airstrikes and artillery fire in this conflict. Sources informed that following Donbas, missile attacks were launched on Wednesday also on the Kharkiv city. 

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has strongly criticized senior US diplomat Henry Kissinger’s remarks. Ukraine will never give up its territory for peace with Russia, Zelensky warned. According to Kissinger’s calendar, 1938 is probably the year, but it is 2022, lashed Zelensky. The mention of 1938 refers to the Treaty of the Czech Republic during World War II. 

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not get the right to decide on peace in Ukraine. 

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