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India to develop weapons technology for space war; Cabinet approves setting up Defence Space Research Agency (DSRA)

New Delhi: As the United States, Russia and China have made exclusive preparations for an all-out space war, India appears to have decided to take significant steps in that direction as well. During a security meeting, the Indian Cabinet decided to constitute an independent agency for the development of sophisticated weapon systems and technologies necessary for space war. The news agencies quoted their informed sources as saying that the new agency would operate under the name of Defence Space Research Agency (DSRA).

In February, US President Donald Trump had announced the establishment of the US Space Force (USSF). Considering the advances Russia and China have made in the space sector, it was imperative for the United States, to take the decision to safeguard its interests in space, President Trump had claimed.

China and Russia had reacted very sharply to the announcement and accused the United States of militarising space. Likewise, the two countries gave clear indications that they would take all the necessary decisions to counter the US Space Force.

Analysts claim that space would be the battlefield of the future although some of them have cautioned that the preparations for it had begun a long time ago. Given the background, the Indian Cabinet has decided to constitute the Defence Space Research Agency (DSRA). The agency would be tasked with the development of sophisticated weapon systems and related technologies, necessary for a space war. Also, through the research, the DSRA would be assisting the Defence Space Agency (DSA).

An officer of the rank of an Air Vice Marshal would be heading the DSRA. The DSRA, in due course, will take control of the required space sectors of the country. As per sources, the DSRA would function in coordination with all the three wings of the armed forces.

Nearly two months ago, India implemented Mission Shakti and tested the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. During the test, India targeted its own satellite and thus demonstrated its capability to the world. However, China had expressed concerns over the ASAT test. The country had created a stir globally by conducting a similar test in the past.

‘The international community had showered criticism on China on its ASAT test. However, the community has been partial and not criticised India on the test’, the Chinese state-media alleged.

After India’s test, China carried out a spate of laser and electromagnetic weapons tests. The country was accused of carrying out laser attacks on the US and Australian pilots. Given the developments, the steps taken by India towards defence preparedness in the space sector become very important. Therefore, acquiring the capability to guard the country’s interests in space, has become a necessity and the heads of all the three services of the Indian Armed Forces as even the military analysts have made the Indian leadership aware of the requirement consistently.

Meanwhile, India is said to organise simulated space warfare exercise in the last week of July. The exercise has been named as ‘IndSpaceEx” and is believed to be a ‘table-top war-game’. Nevertheless, the officials and experts from the military and scientific community would be participating in the exercise. It would be the first-ever exercise of the kind India has organised.

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