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Impact of Digital Terrorism as dangerous as the weapons of mass destruction, warns senior Russian official

Moscow: “There are nearly 30,000 websites connected to the terrorists and extremists. Terrorist organisations use these websites for varied activities. These activities carried out through the internet are a part of Digital Terrorism wherein the impact of this type of terrorism is no less dangerous than that of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)”, warned the official of the Russian Security Council.

Recently, a meeting on threats to global security was conducted in the Ufa city in Russia. Yuri Kokov, the Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, drew attention to the growing threats in the field of technology as well as the cyber. Stating that the age of technological and digital terrorism is approaching, Kokov highlighted that the risks and impact in this field would only increase in the years to come.

The technological and digital terrorism have dreadful consequences which could be compared to the devastation caused by the weapons of mass destruction, said the Russian official in a stark warning. The Deputy Secretary of the Security Council also underlined the fact that the internet has become an essential tool in the hands of the terrorists.

Furthermore, he warned that the terrorist organisations have succeeded in connecting with all the members scattered around the world using the internet. Internet is also being effectively used for transferring funds and acquiring equipment for terrorist activities. According to experts, nearly 30,000 websites are being operated by terrorist organisations.

While stating that the impact of the use of the internet, by the terrorist organisations, can be as dangerous as the WMDs, the Russian official also pointed out that these terrorist groups are also working on acquiring WMDs and gathering information about them. Moreover, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Yuri Kokov claimed that the terrorist outfits are also using the internet on a large scale to collect vital information and components required to launch nuclear, chemical and biological attacks.

Over the last few years, various countries at an international level have consistently expressed concerns over the use of the internet by terrorist groups. Even the legislation introduced by many countries against it has proven ineffective. However, it has come to light that terrorist groups have been making extensive use of the cyber sector, for their propaganda and other activities, exploiting the vulnerabilities in the legislation. It is against this background that the warning issued by the Russian official causes the world to shudder.

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