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UK Prime Minister Johnson puts together a ‘War’ cabinet, £1 bn to prepare for ‘No-deal Brexit’

London: UK’s New Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had announced that a successful Brexit was currently his top priority, and has thus initiated forceful steps to that effect. Prime Minister Johnson has formed a ‘War cabinet’ of six senior ministers who are hardline Brexiters and would be responsible for all the significant decisions on the matter. At the same time, the British agencies have become active considering 31st October as the final deadline for Brexit and an additional fund of £1 billion would be made available for the purpose.

'War'cabinet, prepare for ‘No-deal Brexit’, Boris Johnson, Brexit, EU, campaign, UK, Second World WarWhile taking over as the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced his priorities by saying, ‘The United Kingdom will exit from the European Union (EU) on or before 31st October. We are all committed to it. No ifs, no buts will stand in the way.’ Simultaneously, he claimed that Brexit was necessary for the country’s integrity and to make the United Kingdom the greatest state. Prime Minister Johnson has maintained his stance on Brexit, and the UK cabinet as also other committees have become operational in accordance.

'War' cabinet, prepare for ‘No-deal Brexit’, Boris Johnson, Brexit, EU, campaign, UK, Second World WarForming the War cabinet for Brexit is considered to be a significant decision made by Johnson. He is therefore said to have delivered a message to supporters as well as opponents in the cabinet though it. The War cabinet would be led by the No Deal Minister, Michael Gove. It has been formed assuming the United Kingdom would exit the EU with a likely No-deal Brexit on or before 31st October.

After the war cabinet has been formed, an additional fund of £1 billion would be made available to the various agencies. Furthermore, the British Finance Minister Sajid Javid would be announcing detailed plans of action.

Johnson to announce the biggest ad campaign after the Second World War for Brexit

A massive campaign has been planned to educate the general public regarding Brexit. According to the UK media, the ad campaign would be only the second-biggest since the Second World War. A pamphlet incorporating detailed information on Brexit would be distributed to nearly 27 million households. Moreover, a separate advertisement campaign would be run on the television, consistently broadcasting information on Brexit. Amid the preparations, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab issued a stern warning to the EU stating that they should give up the stiff stance on Brexit or be prepared for a No-Deal.


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