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Turkey severely denounces atrocities by China against Uyghur Muslims

Ankara – Turkey has sharply criticised the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s action against the Uyghur Muslims. ‘The treatment China has meted out to the ethnic minorities is a disgrace to humanity and violates human rights,’ the Turkish Foreign Ministry criticised. Also, Turkey targeted Chinese policies being forcibly implemented to assimilate the Uyghur Muslims into the majority population. Previously, the United States and Australia had condemned China’s action against the Uyghurs. However, China has now been reprimanded on the matter by Turkey, its ally.

Hami Aksoy, the Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, fired a salvo of criticism against China saying,  ‘China is systematically using harsh tactics to bring the Uyghurs under the communist fold. Their action against the Turkish-speaking Uyghur population is a great cause of shame to humanity.’ Aksoy added that it was no longer a secret that China has arbitrarily detained hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs in massive concentration camps. China should honour their human rights, stop oppressing them and release them from the inhumane camps, he demanded.

Aksoy went on the assert that ‘If China does not release the Uyghurs and Turkish-speaking minorities in time, there will be serious consequences’. The Turkish population is aware of the atrocities the Jinping regime is carrying out against the Uyghurs in the northwestern province of Xinjiang and reactions are emanating against it.

Last year, reports had surfaced about Beijing arresting hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs and confining them into concentration camps. The Uyghur youth were detained under the guise of a crackdown against terrorism. At the same time, they are also reportedly being pressurised to give up their religion.

‘Oppression against the religious and ethnic minorities is on the rise in China, and it amounts to a serious crime against humanity,’ a US Senate committee had warned. ‘China is systematically denying religious freedom to the Uyghurs and using them for espionage against the United States’, the US alleged. China had nevertheless dismissed the allegations. However, China began facing strong international criticism, when in a few days, a confined Uyghur was killed in one of the detention camps and the Chinese had no choice but to accept incarcerating the Uyghurs. Albeit, China has insisted that there is no injustice done at the camps.

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