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Israel will suffer a ‘demographic death’ if Palestinians aren’t granted a two-state solution, warns Palestinian Prime Minister

Ramallah: Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh issued a threat to Israel saying, ‘The Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have outnumbered the Israelis. Therefore, if Palestine is not awarded recognition as a nation, Israel will have to face severe repercussions and will also lose its identity as the Jewish nation.’ At the same time, the Palestinian Prime Minister rejected the proposal offered by the United States with severe criticism.

Palestinian Prime Minister, warns, demographic death, Mohammad Shtayyeh, Jewish nation, threatened Israel, Israel, Palestine, USPalestinian President of the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas, has announced withdrawal from all the agreements with Israel. The Palestinian administration has already begun bringing the decision into effect, and their leaders are in the effort to garner support for a free Palestine from allies in Arab-Middle East, as also others around the world. As a part of the initiative, Prime Minister Shtayyeh visited Jordan requesting them to support the cause as well. It was at this time that Prime Minister Shtayyeh threatened Israel.

‘It is the first time since 1948 that the Palestinians are more populous than Israelis which is a major victory for Palestine. Also, around 6.8 million Palestinians occupy the land area from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea. Among these, 3 million Palestinians are in the West Bank, 2 million in the Gaza Strip and 1.8 million in Israel itself. Palestinians thus surround Israel from four of its sides. In comparison, the Israeli population is at 6.6 million, which is 200,000 fewer than that of the Palestinians,’ Shtayyeh reminded.

Palestinian Prime Minister, warns, demographic death, Mohammad Shtayyeh, Jewish nation, threatened Israel, Israel, Palestine, USShtayyeh threatened Israel, referring to the increased Palestinian numbers. ‘Israel should grant Palestine the two-state solution or suffer a demographic death. The demographic strength will neither allow Israel to remain a Jewish state nor a pro-democracy nation. As a result, Israel too would have to face a racist regime and lose its peace.’

Shtayyeh warned Israel stating that since the Palestinians would further outgrow the Israelis in the next few years, the nation should take a timely decision. Meanwhile, Shtayyeh even lashed out at Jason Greenblatt, the US Peace Envoy for Israel-Palestine talks. He accused Greenblatt of preparing a pro-Israel peace proposal by denying the Palestinian rights on ‘East Jerusalem’.

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