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1.7 million people take to the streets in Hong Kong, 25% population joins pro-democracy protests against China

Hong Kong: Slogans of “Stand for Hong Kong! Fight for Freedom!” reverberated in Hong Kong as 1.7 million protesters sent a powerful message that they will not back down in the face of Chinese threats. The huge turnout on Sunday attributed to the fact that the threats posed by ruthless Chinese communist government, military deployment in Shenzhen, police action and venom spilt by the Chinese media had not crushed the spirit of the people of Hong Kong. The protests have rocked the very foundation of Chinese rule over Hong Kong.

protests, military deployment, pro-Chinese administration, Chinese rule, police action, China, Hong Kong, United StatesIntense protests against China still continue for over more than two months in Hong Kong. Though the protest was sparked by a decision taken by the pro-Chinese administration in Hong Kong, it has now assumed a more comprehensive form, garnering substantial international support. Alluding to this international backing, the Chinese government is consistently accusing a foreign hand in the agitation. Further, the Chinese media and its foreign ministry have openly criticised the United States and have warned it to stay away from Hong Kong.

At the same time, the security agencies in Hong Kong have been attacking the protestors by using tear gas indiscriminately and freely swinging their batons. So far, around 800 protesters who have participated in the protests have been detained and imprisoned. Additionally, China has even warned that it is prepared to use military force deployed in Hong Kong against the protesters. Likewise, the Chinese paramilitary forces have assembled in Shenzhen, a city near Hong Kong, issuing threats on social media of invading Hong Kong in just 10 minutes.

On Sunday, the people of Hong Kong have demonstrated a determined resolve defying the Chinese oppression. In a city with a population of 7 million, nearly 1.7 million had participated in the unprecedented rally organised on Sunday. The rally at the Victoria Park exhibited a firm resolve of 25% of the population to stand against the Chinese regime that has thoroughly shaken the leaders of China.

For more than two months, the resolute stance of the Hong Kong people of showing up on streets to voice opposition, resisting the Chinese iron fist has been making waves at the international level. The ongoing protests in Hong Kong have drawn severe anti-China reactions from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Taiwan. Also, the protestors in Hong Kong have started appealing to the international community and have reportedly released advertisements in all major media of the world promoting information about the protest.

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