US, South Korea warn North Korea against using nuclear weapons

- say they will end Kim Jong-un's regime if nukes are used

US, South Korea warn North Korea against using nuclear weapons

 Washington/Seoul: North Korea’s nuclear attack on the United States, our allies, and partners will not be tolerated. The United States and South Korea have issued a decisive warning that if North Korea makes this mistake, they will end the regime of Kim Jong-un. The two countries issued this warning after North Korea fired missiles into the maritime boundaries of South Korea and Japan. However, nearly 180 North Korean planes flew dangerously close to South Korean airspace over the next few hours. Then South Korea also responded strongly by sending 80 of its fighter jets.  

South KoreaNorth Korea had issued a new warning against the ongoing Vigilant Storm military exercise between the US and South Korea. Through this, North Korea accused the US of writing a nuclear war script against it. North Korea had threatened a strong response if the US did not stop the exercise. Analysts in the US and South Korea warned that North Korea, which changed its nuclear attack policy a month ago, could launch a nuclear attack.  

Infuriated with the United States and South Korea extending the period of this war exercise, North Korea has launched a spate of missile tests for the last two days. On Wednesday, North Korea fired 23 missiles. One of these missiles crashed near the coast of South Korea. On Thursday, North Korea fired six missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Among these was the intercontinental ballistic missile that went astray and crashed into Japan’s territorial waters.  

South KoreaIn the wake of North Korea’s aggression, a special meeting between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his South Korean counterpart Lee Jong-sup was held at the Pentagon. After speaking to the media, the US and South Korean defence ministers threatened North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The United States and South Korea have threatened that if North Korea launches a nuclear attack on the United States and allied and partner countries, the communist regime of Kim Jong-un will be ended forever. However, North Korea has again shown that it does not care about these warnings. On Friday, 180 North Korean fighter jets took off for four hours. South Korea also dispatched 80 planes after being alerted over enormous aircraft traffic detected on the radar. This included F-35 stealth fighter jets that joined the South Korean Air Force. Also, the planes participating in the air exercise with the US were alerted to be ready.  

Meanwhile, there is no possibility of reducing the tension created after the military exercises between the US and South Korea. The US has stood by the military exercise and South Korea’s government of Yoon Suk-yeol is supporting the US decision. Moreover, North Korea is only adding to the tension here by doing new activities every day. 


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