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US-Taliban peace talks scrapped; Afghanistan welcomes President Trump’s decision

Washington: US President Donald Trump announced that ‘The Taliban representatives were scheduled to visit the United States for negotiations. However, the Taliban orchestrated killing 12 people, including a US soldier ahead of the summit. I have thus taken the decision to call off the talks with the Taliban’. Nevertheless, Afghanistan heartily welcomed Trump’s decision. The US President has indicated that the Taliban had committed a grave mistake to strengthen their bargaining position. It appears evident that the repercussions of the move would be felt in Afghanistan soon.

Afghanistan, negotiations, Abdul Ghani, peace talks, attacks, US, TalibanPresident Trump was infuriated with the recent Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. He asked, ‘How many more decades are they willing to fight?’ as he indicated that the Taliban’s activities would not be tolerated, henceforth. The meeting, which was scheduled to be held at the presidential retreat of Camp David in the United States, was therefore cancelled. Afghanistan President Abdul Ghani and the Taliban representatives were to attend the meeting but President Trump said that it was not possible to hold talks with the Taliban, which was responsible for killing a US soldier and the Afghan citizens.

President Trump issued a stern warning to the Taliban after the attacks in Afghanistan. He said, ‘Taliban was under the impression that by carrying out the attacks, they could strengthen their bargaining position during negotiations. However, the attacks have only worsened the Taliban’s position.’ Afghanistan has, however, welcomed Trump’s announcement. Afghanistan President Abdul Ghani said reassuringly that ‘The United States has taken the most appropriate step towards peace and stability in Afghanistan. To maintain peace, the Afghan government will assist the United States in every possible way.’

Former US military officials and military analysts justified President Trump’s decision. ‘The Taliban is deceitful and brutal. Establishing a friendship with them would have only proved dangerous for the United States’, the analysts claimed. The Taliban had begun to assert that they had won the war after the United States initiated talks with them. Therefore, to build false leverage, the Taliban carried out attacks in Afghanistan, in a show of strength. Furthermore, the Taliban supporters in Pakistan had also declared that the United States was no more a superpower contending that they had been defeated in the war against the Taliban. Moreover, the Taliban supporters in Pakistan had formed the opinion that the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan had created a conducive atmosphere for Pakistan.

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