Israel could repeat its 1981-style attack targeting Iraqi nuclear plant on Iran

warns Defence Minster Gantz

Israel could repeat its 1981-style attack targeting Iraqi nuclear plant on Iran

Jerusalem/Washington: Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz has issued a warning to Iran. ‘As though no time has passed, today in Iran — as it was 40 years ago [in Iraq] — a murderous and dangerous enemy, which is building arms of terror around the State of Israel, seeks to acquire a nuclear weapon to threaten Israel and the stability of the entire region. Therefore, Israel may carry out a military strike against it, if necessary, as we did in the case of Iraq in 1981,’ Gantz said.   

बेनी गांत्झ, 1981An Israeli Air Force event convened on Thursday. Defence Minister Gantz attended the event and presented the Israeli stand on Iran. ‘We are in contact with our American allies to ensure the security of Israel. If needed, we will act as we have always acted. We will remove and prevent any threat, with stratagems, with initiative and — of course — with professional and diplomatic responsibility,’ Defence Minister Gantz announced.   

To make his point, Defence Minister Gantz recalled the attack carried out by the Israeli Air Force in 1981 on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear plant under ‘Operation Babylon’. ‘Iran also is developing the atomic bomb to threaten Israel, on the same lines as the erstwhile Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussain. Therefore, if the circumstances demand, Israel can launch attacks similar to 1981 on the Iranian nuclear projects in the present day,’ Defence Minister Bennie Gantz warned. Four days ago, the Israeli Defence Minister ordered the Israeli military to remain prepared for a mission against Iran.   

बेनी गांत्झ, 1981Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was present at the Thursday event as well, and he has even given indications of an attack on Iran. ‘It is the sacred responsibility of every Israeli Prime Minister to protect Israel from any enemy who challenges the existence of Israel. In the past, the threat was from Iraq, and now there is a similar threat from Iran,’ Prime Minister Bennett said, indicating possible action against Iran. At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister also informed that he was in talks with the Biden administration, which is trying to expedite the nuclear deal with Iran.   

बेनी गांत्झ, 1981IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi was on a visit to the United States for the last two days. During this visit, Lieutenant General Kochavi met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also met CENTCOM Chief General Kenneth McKenzie at the Pentagon. At the time, Lieutenant General Kochavi warned again that the United States’ participation in the nuclear deal with Iran would prove extremely dangerous.   

Meanwhile, 24 hours have passed since the attack on the Karaj plant in Iran. However, the details of the attack have not been disclosed as yet. Iranian government and media are not willing to release the information. In this scenario, the Israeli Defence Minister’s remarks recalling the attack on the Iraqi nuclear power plant while hinting at a possible attack on Iran is quite suggestive. 

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