‘Islamic Jihad’ unleashes a barrage of rockets at Israel after its terror leader is killed in Israeli air raid

Gaza/Jerusalem: Israel neutralised an Islamic Jihad commander, who was believed to have masterminded brutal attacks on Israel. After that, continuous rocket attacks were launched on Israel for the next six hours with Gaza firing nearly 150 rockets that landed on highways and civilian settlements. Israel provided details of the attacks and announced launching new attacks on the terrorist bases in the Gaza Strip.   

 ‘Islamic Jihad’, rocket attacks, Baha Abu al-Ata, Israel military, air raid, Israel, Palestine ‘Islamic Jihad’, rocket attacks, Baha Abu al-Ata, Israel military, air raid, Israel, Palestine

Israel carried out an airstrike in Gaza’s Shejaia early morning on Tuesday. The Israel military, and the internal security agency, the Shin Bet informed that the Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Ata was killed in the airstrike. The airstrikes were carried out jointly by the two agencies. Baha was the top leader of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza and had ordered all the rocket attacks in Israel over the last few months.

‘Islamic Jihad’, rocket attacks, Baha Abu al-Ata, Israel military, air raid, Israel, PalestineAt the same time, the Israel military informed that Baha had planned to target the Israeli cities with more destructive rockets. The Islamic Jihad’s motive behind the attacks on Israel was to disrupt the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Also, Baha was conspiring to ignite a war by provoking Israel. Therefore, the Israel military is claimed to have delivered a significant blow to Islamic jihad with the assassination of Baha.

Gaza fired a barrage of 150 rockets into Israel after the Israeli military action. The rockets landed in the Eshkol, Kissufim, Ein Hashlosha and Nirim regions in southern Israel. However, the Israeli military affirmed the Iron Dome battery had neutralised nearly 60 of the rockets. Long and short-range missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip, and a child was reportedly injured in the attack in Israel.

The Israeli fighter jets are continuously retaliating to Gaza’s rocket attacks. An Israeli drone targeted a terrorist base in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday afternoon. The Israel military briefed that one terrorist was killed in the attack on a group that was preparing to strike Israel with rockets. Later, the Israeli fighter jets launched counterattacks on Gaza late on Tuesday.

After the clashes, Israel sent a message to Hamas through a third party. The message included a warning to Hamas stating that the Israeli action targeted the Islamic Jihad thereby asking Hamas not to get involved in the conflict, Israel army spokesman Jonathan Conricus informed.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad declare war against Israel
Gaza: The Islamic Jihad issued a warning to Israel saying that ‘The Israeli army has killed our leader Baha Abu al-Ata and it amounts to a declaration of war. Israel will be entirely responsible for the consequences.’ On the other hand, Hamas threatened to retaliate against the attacks on the Gaza Strip.
‘Islamic Jihad’, rocket attacks, Baha Abu al-Ata, Israel military, air raid, Israel, PalestineZiyad al-Nakhala, a high-ranking Islamic Jihad leader, announced that ‘Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has crossed all the red lines by assassinating Al-Quds (Islamic Jihad) Brigades Commander Baha Abu al-Ata (Islamic Jihad). It is an attack on the rights of the Palestinian people, and Israel will have to face dire consequences. We will respond forcefully.’
Hamas and Fatah criticised the Israeli action in Gaza while Hamas has even threatened to retaliate against the Israeli attacks. Meanwhile, a strike was also carried out on the house of an Islamic Jihad commander in the Syrian capital of Damascus and Syria has accused Israel of being responsible for it.

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