US will continue with airstrikes even after withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

A senior US official warns  

US will continue with airstrikes even after withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

Kabul: ‘Even after the last US soldier returns from Afghanistan, US airstrikes against terrorists in the country will continue,’ declared US Commander in Afghanistan, General Austin S Miller. At the same time, Gen Miller also raised the alarm about a potential civil war in Afghanistan.  

troops from Afghanistan, from AfghanistanUS President Joe Biden had announced a complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 11. Nevertheless, US military officials indicated four days ago that the withdrawal would be completed by Sunday, July 4 but their troops will remain deployed in Afghanistan despite it. US Commander in Afghanistan disclosed information on the plan.  

The United States will continue air raids on the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups even though it is withdrawing from Afghanistan, Gen Miller said. The general informed that the strikes would be carried out from airbases outside Afghanistan and led by CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth McKenzie.  

‘A total of 650 soldiers are to remain deployed at the US Embassy in Kabul indefinitely. Also, over 300 troops will be stationed at the Kabul airport for its security till September,’ Gen Miller said. Besides, the general also expressed concerns over the intensification of Taliban attacks for the past few weeks.  

‘The gradual control Taliban is taking over the districts in Afghanistan is a cause for concern for the United States and the world. If violence in Afghanistan prevails, a conflict will spark off between the Taliban and armed Afghani ethnic groups emerging against the terror group, leading to a civil war in the near future,’ General Miller warned.  

Afghanistan has a total of 403 districts. The Afghan Army and the Taliban are engaged in a fierce battle to control more than 180 of them. The Taliban is also claimed to have taken over approximately 100 districts so far. Moreover, the Taliban is believed to have gained control of 64 districts in the past two months alone. 

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