If Iraq asks US troops to leave, we will impose severe sanctions against them, warns US President Trump 

Washington: The Iraqi parliament unanimously passed a resolution to expel US soldiers from the country and shut down the US military bases. Infuriated by the decision, President Trump lambasted the Iraqi leaders in stern words. Trump issued a severe warning to Iraq, where he said, ‘The US military will not withdraw entirely from Iraq unless Iraq pays billions of dollars for the US military bases in Iraq. Even so, if the United States is asked to close its bases, we will charge Iraq sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.’  

A resolution was moved in the Iraqi parliament to expel all the US soldiers from the country. The parliament thus warned the United States to withdraw its military from the state. Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Mahdi, known for being pro-Iran, strongly supported the move for the withdrawal of US troops although the US President responded with much anger.  

President Trump issued a warning to Iraq. He said, ‘The US has made massive investments for building the airbase in Iraq. We had to spend billions of dollars on building it. Therefore, the US military will not withdraw from Iraq, until the country pays us for the extraordinarily expensive airbase. Still, if the United States is asked to withdraw from Iraq, we will impose such harsh sanctions against the country that it will make the sanctions against Iran look moderate.’  

At the time, the US President warned Iran as well. ‘Iran is allowed to kill US citizens. They can torture our citizens and render them disabled. They can even trigger blasts on the roads and kill our citizens. However, we are not allowed to target their cultural centres? This cannot be tolerated.’ President Trump thereby indicated that the attacks on Iran would continue.  

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Mahdi and other leaders have taken a stand against the United States and are even receiving a response to a certain extent. Nevertheless, some people from Iraq have sided with the United States and strongly opposed Iran. In the last ten years, Iran has grown its influence tremendously in Iraq, although the Iraqi people are opposed to it. The Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr, known as a staunch Iranian supporter, made an appeal to the Iraqi populace with a suggestive statement. He said, ‘Now after the death of Soleimani and Muhandis, the Iraqi people should prepare themselves to save the country.’ The Iraqi government’s decision is, therefore, facing opposition from within the country. 

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